"Shine" a short video made by 2017 students.

At Sacred Heart College we are committed to creating an inclusive, engaging and mutually respectful environment where each student is:

  • Healthy, safe and valued
  • Engaged, supported and challenged

Our wellbeing practices aim to develop students who:

  • Are optimistic and resilient
  • Have a strong growth mindset
  • Are able to optimise their learning potential through understanding their own strengths

Our wellbeing practices are:

  • Underpinned by the principles of positive psychology
  • Designed to foster genuine partnerships with our parents/carers
  • Holistic, proactive and empirically based


LivingMERCY is an explicit wellbeing curriculum delivered weekly in a cohesive, sequential and age appropriate manner from Years 7-12. It aims to complement our Mercy values through the development of our three Pillars of Positive Education. They are:

  • Positive Self
  • Positive Relationships
  • Positive Community

Student Support Services

Student services at Sacred Heart College aim to enable students to achieve their best through providing them with the necessary support in their day-to-day learning environment.

Our support services comprise four key areas:

  • Mind: A Psychologist and Social Workers 
  • Body: A First Aid Officer
  • Soul: A College Pastoral Worker
  • Capacity: A Learning Diversity Team

Here are a number of articles and resources relevant to student wellbeing.

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