"Shine" a short video made by 2017 students.

At Sacred Heart College we are committed to creating an inclusive, engaging and mutually respectful environment where each student is:

  • Healthy, safe and valued
  • Engaged, supported and challenged

Our wellbeing practices aim to develop students who:

  • Are optimistic and resilient
  • Have a strong growth mindset
  • Are able to optimise their learning potential through understanding their own strengths

Our wellbeing practices are:

  • Underpinned by the principles of positive psychology
  • Designed to foster genuine partnerships with our parents/carers
  • Holistic, proactive and empirically based

Visible Wellbeing

As of 2019, Sacred Heart is proudly a Visible Wellbeing Partner School. Through this program, we are working with Lea Waters to embed a culture of wellness for learning across the school and wider community.

Visible Wellbeing meaningfully combines the science of learning and the science of wellbeing to help communities embed evidence-based approaches for supporting wellbeing in a strengths-based manner within a school community. We are using the SEARCH framework, which focuses on strengths and promoting emotional regulation, awareness, relationship building, proactive coping skills and goal setting.

We are really excited about the way in which this program embeds wellness for learning throughout the school, including in all interactions, in curriculum and classrooms, and within the wider community.


Student Support Services

Student services at Sacred Heart College aim to enable students to achieve their best through providing them with the necessary support in their day-to-day learning environment.

Our support services comprise four key areas:

  • Mind: A Psychologist and Social Workers 
  • Body: A First Aid Officer
  • Soul: A College Pastoral Worker
  • Capacity: A Learning Diversity Team

Here are a number of articles and resources relevant to student wellbeing.

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