College Chaplain, Rev. Allan Ansell
band Sr Elizabeth Young rsm

Chaplaincy at SHC

Chaplaincy services are available to all in our College community and have been available at Sacred Heart College for a number of years now.

The objectives of Chaplaincy are to assist school communities to provide pastoral care and general spiritual, social and emotional comfort to all students, irrespective of their faith or beliefs. This can include support and guidance about ethics, values, relationships and spiritual issues; the provision of student welfare; and enhancing engagement with the broader community.

Chaplaincy is a service that complements the care offered by other helping disciplines at Sacred Heart College, and external agencies, and aims to assist the Sacred Heart College community through the provision of help and care to support the personal and social wellbeing of students and our school community.

Our Chaplain, Rev. Allan Ansell, is responsible for supporting the spiritual, social, and emotional wellbeing of our students. School Chaplains have in particular a role in supporting the spiritual wellbeing of students, regardless of faith or beliefs. The Chaplain provides support for a range of day-to-day matters affecting our College community and communicates effectively with a diverse group of people.

Chaplaincy services and actions include:

  • Assisting school counsellors and wellbeing staff in the delivery of student welfare services.
  • Providing students, their families and staff with support and or appropriate referrals, in difficult situations such as during times of grief or when students are facing personal or emotional challenges.
  • Supporting students to explore their spirituality and providing guidance about spirituality, values and ethical matters or referring students to, or sourcing appropriate services, to meet these needs; and facilitating access to support agencies in the community, where applicable.
  • Supporting students and staff to create an environment that promotes the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development and wellbeing of all students.
  • Supporting students and staff to create an environment of cooperation and mutual respect, promoting an understanding of diversity and the range of cultures and their related traditions.
  • Being approachable to all students, staff and members of the school community.
  • Support students, their families and staff of all beliefs in their faith journey.
  • Our College Chaplain is available to students and staff most school days.

    Rev. Dcn. Allan Ansell - College Chaplain

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