In Catholic Education today we are called to be global citizens to commit and act in the interest of those who do not share our prosperity or security. 

Our Mercy heritage means we provide an education that equips students to be a voice for social justice, and to be agents of change. Our school aphorism is educating girls to make a difference. 

We aim to empower, build capacity, develop resilience and foster a growth mindset in an environment that is safe and where our students are valued and have a sense of belonging and connectedness within and beyond the classroom. We understand the importance of balancing intellectual, physical, spiritual and emotional well being. We recognise that in partnership adults and young people create a powerful learning community. 

Sacred Heart College promotes a culture of learning for students, staff and parents as a lifelong endeavour. Teachers work collaboratively to design and facilitate learning. We work in vibrant teams to build professional knowledge and capacity. Learning is developed through using real- world contexts and contemporary issues and utilising rich resources. Teaching is inclusive, personalised and student centred. Technology is used to connect learners in new and powerful ways with one another, with sources of knowledge, and with innovative applications. 

Students need to constantly adapt to find their place in the world. At Sacred Heart College we prepare young people to reach their potential. Underpinned by the principles of positive psychology our students are encouraged to be optimistic, creative, self directed, critical thinkers, who cherish curiosity, are inspired to learn, whose natural inquisitiveness is protected and who strive for academic excellence. We build on students’ passions, capabilities and strengths. 

Learning at Sacred Heart College is engaging, challenging and enjoyable.

Redesigning Learning @ SHC - The Case for Change Redesigning Learning @ SHC - The Case for Change (1354 KB)

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