2019 Disclosure Statement to Students 2019 Disclosure Statement to Students (360 KB)

2019 Mobile Devices Policy 2019 Mobile Devices Policy (148 KB)

Alcohol Policy Alcohol Policy (519 KB)

Alumni Association Collection Notice (MEL) Alumni Association Collection Notice (MEL) (305 KB)

Banned Substances Policy Banned Substances Policy (659 KB)

Child Protection Procedure Child Protection Procedure (395 KB)

Child Safety Implementation Action Plan Child Safety Implementation Action Plan (184 KB)

Code of Conduct (MEL) Code of Conduct (MEL) (320 KB)

Collection of Outstanding Fees Protocol Collection of Outstanding Fees Protocol (434 KB)

Complaints Management Complaints Management (230 KB)

Culture of Child Safety Policy Culture of Child Safety Policy (1439 KB)

Employment Collection Notice (MEL) Employment Collection Notice (MEL) (434 KB)

Enrolment Policy Enrolment Policy (514 KB)

Evacuation Map Evacuation Map (588 KB)

Facilities Hire Policy Facilities Hire Policy (484 KB)

Four Critical Actions - Child Abuse Four Critical Actions - Child Abuse (592 KB)

Grievance Policy Grievance Policy (570 KB)

Grievance Policy Hygiene Policy (570 KB)

Home Learning Policy Home Learning Policy (408 KB)

Language Policy Language Policy (663 KB)

Learning Philosophy Learning Philosophy (320 KB)

MacBook Program Guidelines MacBook Program Guidelines (856 KB)

Manual Handling Policy Manual Handling Policy (707 KB)

MEL Codes of Conduct MEL Codes of Conduct (711 KB)

MEL Codes of Conduct MEL Child Protection Policy

MEL Parent Code of Conduct MEL Parent Code of Conduct (340 KB)

MEL Whistleblower Policy MEL Whistleblower Policy (757 KB)

Occupational Health and Safety Policy Occupational Health and Safety Policy (559 KB)

Privacy Policy (MEL) Privacy Policy (MEL) (300 KB)

Responding to Student Sexual Offending TEMPLATE Responding to Student Sexual Offending TEMPLATE (254 KB)

Responding to Suspected Child Abuse TEMPLATE Responding to Suspected Child Abuse TEMPLATE (407 KB)

Safeguarding Children and Young People Code of Conduct Safeguarding Children and Young People Code of Conduct (244 KB)

Special Needs Policy Special Needs Policy (365 KB)

Standard Collection Notice (MEL) Standard Collection Notice (MEL) (111 KB)

Student Positive Behaviour Policy Student Positive Behaviour Policy (1237 KB)

Sun Awareness Policy Sun Awareness Policy (627 KB)

Uniform Policy Uniform Policy (353 KB)

Workplace Equal Opportunity Policy Workplace Equal Opportunity Policy (1864 KB)

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