SHC Alumni Association Committee

The Alumni Association Committee members represent a broad range of alumni years and work with Sacred Heart College to strengthen the link between past students and the College through regular communication, reunions and other social events. 

The aim of the Alumni Association is to value and cherish what has gone before but also to look to the future as a modern, vibrant association that can play a positive role in the life of the school. General Committee Members can serve up to six years and Executive Committee Members can serve three years with a total of six years on the committee. Each year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in March, new members are elected when positions have become available. 

The next AGM was held via Zoom on Sunday 8 November 2020 at 11.00am. All alumni were invited.

Reports from the AGM:

New Prayer and Vale

President's Report

Treasurer's Report

Principal's Report

Trustee Committee's Report

Committee Nominees

Audit Letter

Finance Spreadsheet

Alumni Committee (2019)

President: Stacey Harris

Deputy President: Peta Credlin

Treasurer: Enza Hughes

Alumni Officer: Suzie Veitch

General Committee: Jemma Wayth, Jodie Norley, Emma Morgan, Kelly Suvoltos, Laura Shandley, Louise King, Jo Nelson, Ella Credlin, Alicia te Wierik

Principal Representative: Catherine Middlemiss

Back L-R: Suzie Veitch (Alumni Officer), Catherine Middlemiss (1982), Ella Credlin (1994), Peta Credlin (1989), Louise King (1975)
Front L-R: Laura Shandley (2010), Alicia te Wierik (1989), Enza Hughes (1987), Stacey Harris (2001)
Absent: Jo Nelson (1989), Jemma Wayth (2000), Emma Morgan (2012), Jodie Norley (1988) and Kelly Suvoltos (1991)

Key Documents

2020 Expression of Interest for position of Treasurer 2020 Expression of Interest for position of Treasurer (118 KB)

2020 Alumni Committee Nomination Form 2020 Alumni Committee Nomination Form (70 KB)

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