Catherine O'Callaghan - Class of 2001 Catherine has completed a Sports Science degree and is currently heading up VFA Learning in Geelong, <br />managing the fitness department and delivering the fitness course from Cert 3 to Diploma level.Sinead Barry - Class of 2005 Sinead graduated as a nurse and is currently working as a lecturer in nursing at La Trobe University.Beth Jens - From the Class of 2003, Beth Jens is a rocket scientist at Stanford University working on her PhD in conjunction with the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. <br />She hopes to one day be the first Australian woman to reach the stars!Kristen Vienna - Class of 2003 Kristen's education, career path and journey through life have been inspired by advice from her father that with hard work and discipline anything is possible. <br />Kristen is a lawyer and has practised across a range of ar
Lauren Gravett - Class of 2007 Lauren has established a cafe in Cambodia with her sister Cassie and are supporting the locals of Siem Reap with their charity 'Hearts to Harmony'Colleen Callander - Class of 1988 Colleen Callander (Furnari) is the CEO of Sportsgirl and is a finalist in the 2014 CEO of the Year awardsNicole Wiedmann – Class of 2008 Nicole recently obtained her PhD in Metabolic Neuroscience, with her research aim to combat obesity. She has travelled extensively to present her research and has a research paper published in FASEBSophie Vine - Class of 2004 Sophie was a contestant on tv reality show, The Block in 2012 and now finds herself working for Cotton On as a Brand Design Specialist for Typo.
Danielle Najda - Class of 2003 My Kitchen Rules contestant with partner, Josh in 2014. <br />Danielle currently works in the medical profession while working on their dream of being in the food industry and getting people to think outside the square when Simone Fisher - Class of 1991 Simone runs a greyhound training business with her husband is a presenter for Sky RacingCherie Ford - Class of 1994 Cherie is a lawyer who has most recently been appointed to conciliate disputes in the WorkCover system dealing with legal and medical issues.Bri Danka - Class of 2003 Bri has been a keen traveller since finishing school, studied for several degrees and <br />now finds herself working in the dynamic world of women's fashion planning with the Cotton On organisation.


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