Dr. Adam Cole

Adam is Head of The Bradbury Club and Head of Science at Sacred Heart College, Geelong. Prior to teaching, he was in medical research and was leader of the Neurosignalling and Mood Disorders Lab at the Garvan Institute in Sydney (2010-14). He has published over 20 papers in leading scientific journals and given presentations in many countries around the world. He lectured undergraduates and supervised post-graduates in Australia and the UK, and coordinated curriculum development at the University of Sydney.

Mrs. Helen Lazzaro

Helen is a senior maths teacher and timetable coordinator at Sacred Heart College, Geelong. She was formerly a mechanical engineer, but since switching to teaching, she has developed extensive experience teaching STEM and adapting modern technologies into the classroom. She is a founding member of The Bradbury Club.

Ms. Deborah Bohan

Deb is a Chemistry, Junior Science and Coding Teacher at Sacred Heart College Geelong. Prior to teaching she completed a double degree in Forensic Science and Criminology at Deakin University before completing her Masters in Teaching at ACU. She in interested in making learning more engaging and allowing students to apply their own solutions to real world problems they have identified.

Dr. Patricia Vankuyk

Prior to teaching, Trish lived in The Netherlands where she was a well-respected researcher in the field of genetics and genomics of metabolism and gene regulation in fungi. She has over 20 peer-reviewed scientific publications, co-ordinated international collaborative projects and designed and supervised master’s student projects. Trish is now using her wealth of industry experience to re-imagine learning in her Biology, Environmental Science, and Junior Science classrooms at Sacred Heart College, Geelong.

Mr. Goran Gromilic

Goran is a senior Business Management teacher at Sacred Heart College. Prior to SHC, he was a year level and VCAL Coordinator at Hopetoun Secondary College and Western Heights College, Geelong. He worked in industry for 5 years while studying at University.

Ms. Nerrida Holland

Nerrida is a highly experienced science teacher who has worked extensively with students across all year levels to increase their passion for knowledge of their world. She has held many positions of leadership in education and is currently working with students, families and teachers at St Joseph’s College, Newtown to enhance student learning and engagement. Nerrida challenges students to become life-long learners and is enthusiastic for all students to participate, achieve and thrive in school life and beyond.

Julie Tucker

Julia Brangwyn

Heather Carlin

Maree MacDonald

Kaitlin Jobson

Sue Mack