The Bradbury Club Drone Racing Team

The Bradbury Club has added a new Drone Racing Team to its list of projects. This exciting activity is open to students from any of our participa..


The latest scientific breakthroughs are published in specialised scientific journals. These papers can be extremely complex and difficult to read,..

Simple Stats – Simple Scientific Stats/Spreadsheet Software

School students sometimes have difficulty analysing data and generating graphs, especially junior students who are not yet used to using spreadshe..

Flaming Flame Tests

Exciting metal ions in the flame of a Bunsen burner to emit brilliant colours is a simple but enjoyable activity students commonly do in science c..

Lithium in Australia’s Drinking Water Supplies

Lithium is element #3 on the periodic table and the lightest metal in the universe. It is also the mainstay treatment of Bipolar Disorder. Two obs..

Guinness World Record – Longest model of DNA

DNA is the instruction booklet in each of our cells that codes for how to build and maintain our body. The sequence of bases in our DNA is unique ..

Escape Room

Escape Rooms are a relatively recent phenomenon that are extremely popular among young people. They are immersive adventure games, whereby players..

Tim Tam Challenge

Double blinded trials are an important method of scientific investigation (e.g. for testing new medicines), whereby information about the test is ..

Interesting Facts Competition

There are heaps of interesting science facts out there in the world around us, such as: There’s a parasite that takes over the brains of ..

Zorb Balls

Zorb balls are large inflatable balls that can people can climb into and have fun with. We have used them as a ‘prop’ to help engage s..

Wearable Technologies Project

Contemporary STEM education in many schools is often primarily focused on robots (e.g. Lego Mindstorm, Spheros, etc). While these are excellent re..

Pedestrian Safety Project

An advertisement from the TAC promoting pedestrian safety Teachers and parents have been concerned about pedestrian safety at a b..

Property Prices Project

The Bradbury Club partnered with staff from Barry Plant Real Estate (Docklands, especially Daniel Cole) and the Austra..

Puma Project

Pumas have been sighted in Victorian bushland for decades, although a recent state government investigation found no evidence for their existence ..