Fee accounts are sent out at the beginning of the year (usually at the end of February). The table below shows fees at each level, which include standard subject levies, year level camps/renewals, technology costs and building fund donation. Further charges may apply to some units which require expensive resources and/or materials or involve off-campus activities.

The Sacred Heart College Building Fund Donation is $400 per family per year. It is a voluntary donation and is tax deductible. This contribution is essential for ongoing capital works.

Enrolment Fee

Once an acceptance offer has been made to you, you are required to confirm your place at Sacred Heart College by paying an enrolment fee of $300. This is not included in the fee table below.

Fees for 2017

  • Year 7 $5370
  • Year 8 $6310
  • Year 9 $6240
  • Year 10 $6180
  • Year 11 $6440
  • Year 12 $6950

Family discount

Discounts are available where there are three or more students attending Catholic schools in Geelong. (Multiple enrolments at a Catholic Primary School count as one student.)

Please note: this form is to be completed each year and returned to the College by Friday 25 November 2016.* (Late Forms received after 15 February 2017 will be processed for Semester 2 only.)

* This is the new extended deadline.

Fee forms you may need

Family Fee Discount Application Form 2017

Fee Information 2017 Fee Information 2017 (168 KB)

Credit Card/Direct Debit Deduction Authority Credit Card/Direct Debit Deduction Authority (175 KB)

Student Scholarship 2016 Student Scholarship 2016 (188 KB)

Overdue Accounts Procedure Overdue Accounts Procedure (1714 KB)

Application for Concessional Fees Application for Concessional Fees (1836 KB)

Fee Concession Procedure Fee Concession Procedure (1712 KB)

For further information regarding discounts and arranging instalment payments, please contact the Finance Officer, Mrs Zina Polorotoff.
5222 0418


Saver Plus Saver Plus (190 KB)

CSEF Information CSEF Information (221 KB)

CSEF Application Form 2017 CSEF Application Form 2017 (261 KB)


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