When parents choose Sacred Heart College they are making a decision that their daughter will be educated in a place which values and promotes the contribution of women.

We know that all parents want their daughters to be happy and safe and to have access to education that will help them reach their full potential. We want that too and we are committed to being the place where that will happen.

We honour our traditions, provide excellent facilities and are proud of our staff. Learning is attuned to the natural traits and abilities of girls. We allow girls to be girls, to explore, challenge and take risks within an environment that is safe and caring.

We welcome all enquiries about enrolment at the school.

Enrolment criteria

  • Siblings of students and daughters of staff members
  • Catholic student in Catholic school
  • Catholic student in non-Catholic school
  • Catholic student, baptised only at non-Catholic school
  • Student baptised into an Eastern Rites Religion
  • Non-Catholic student at Catholic school
  • Non-Catholic student at non-Catholic school
The Principal reserves the right to vary the application of the above priority list in special situations.

Conditions of Enrolment




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For more information

Contact the Registrar
Monday to Friday 8.00am - 4.00pm
Phone (03) 5222 0490

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