The lawn cemetery is situated on the western side of Sacred Heart College in a quiet, sunny and peaceful part of the grounds.

The cemetery was commenced in 1878 when Rev. Sister Mary Gertrude O’Farrel died, and at the present time contains over 100 graves, including those of two priests; Rev. Fr Percy Jones (Geelong-born, noted and talented musician) and Fr. Sydney Lennon (first chaplain at St. Joseph’s Nursing Home who asked to be buried at the cemetery). 

A fifty year ban was placed on the cemetery in 1897. During this ban, 56 sisters were buried in the East Geelong Cemetery.

The graves are set out in a symmetrical pattern with a marble monument taking centre place. Roses add colour and beauty to the cemetery. Initially, the graves had sandstone crosses, but over the years these deteriorated and were replaced by brass plaques.

Three of the four nuns who founded Sacred Heart College are buried alongside one another. The plaques read 'Rev. Mother Xavier Maguire 30th August 1879, RIP', 'Rev. Mother Gabriel Sherlock 3rd October 1897, RIP' and 'Rev. Mother Margaret Mullaly 2nd June 1892, RIP'. Sister Regis Manly, the fourth foundress died while the ban on the SHC cemetery was in place and is buried in the East Geelong Cemetery.

A white marble monument with a celtic cross is set in the middle of the cemetery. There are two latin inscriptions on the monument and translated they read “Rise Brides of Christ” and “Through The Cross Into The Light”.

The monument was donated by a Miss Mansfield, a past pupil and boarder.

Convent Cemetery, 1930s

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