In 1880, a sister's day began early and ended late. It was filled with devotional, teaching, domestic and administrative duties. A typical day would go like this:

5.25amRise at the sound of a bell rung by a 'Caller'
5.40amAngelus, prayed in Choir, at the sound of a bell rung from the steeple
6.00amLauds, chanted alternately by two choirs of nuns standing opposite sides of the chapel
7.00amCelebration of Mass, offered by a priest of the parish
7.45amBreakfast - a simple meal of porridge, bread, butter, tea. Eaten in silence
8.00amHousehold duties in convent, supervision of duties in boarding school and orphanage
9.00amClasses in school, orphanage, parish. Care of the sick
12.30pmLunch - a light meal of bread, butter, jam, tea
3.45pmVespers, chanted in the chapel by two choirs
4.00pmDinner - one course only, with sweets served on Sunday
4.30pmRecreation in Community Room or garden
5.00pmMatins, chanted in the chapel by alternating choirs. Spiritual reading
TeaA light meal of bread and butter. Silence
7.45pmRecreation in the Community Room
9.00pmNight prayers, led by Superior in the chapel
10.00pmLights out, except with permission otherwise. Profound silence

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