The Bradbury Club

What do former Australian ice skater and Olympic gold medallist Steven Bradbury OAM and a practical, problem-solving club at Sacred Heart College Geelong have in common?

Solving Real-world Problems

The goal of the club is to achieve tangible outcomes that benefit the community, while at the same time connecting students to industry professionals who use their skills to identify and create new knowledge that can enhance opportunities for innovation and contribute to solving real-world problems.

The Bradbury Club

In line with contemporary learning and the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM), students can elect to join The Bradbury Club.

The Bradbury Club is a unique collaborative group of students, staff, academics and industry professionals that perform long-term, problem-solving projects that benefit the community. It is an innovative collaboration between the College’s students and staff, plus many partner organisations, including the Universities of Sydney, Melbourne and Deakin, the Garvan Institute, EnviroLab, Healthy Communities and the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

These partners provide professional mentorship and guidance towards outcomes that benefit our students and the greater community. Our patron is Steven Bradbury OAM, Australian Ice skater and Olympic gold medalist. His ambitious attitude typifies the aims of The Bradbury Club: “Working hard and being in the right place at the right time can lead to great success.”


Subject areas are never mentioned. Instead, there is a problem to solve and whatever is needed to be done to solve it will be done, regardless of discipline area. Academics and industry professionals are engaged to provide expert mentorship and a professional attitude.

Outcome Driven

The goal is to achieve tangible outcomes at the end that benefit the Club, its members and the community (eg journal publications, community action, news articles, outreach, etc).


In two senses; firstly, learning comes from expert academics and professionals. Secondly, the group work together as a club (like a sporting team) and mixes between student year levels, staff, parents, academics and industry experts.

Fact-Tastic App

The Club's Fact-Tastic app has been approved on both the Apple App Store and Android Google Play Store and is now live. The app is a one device multiplayer passing game where you are given a fact and need to guess if it is true or false. Points are given based on correct answer and fact difficulty.

To download the app, please select one of the following links:

Apple App Store:

Android Google Play Store:

‘The club members identify projects and problems to solve as a group, and whatever is needed to be done to solve it will be done, regardless of discipline areas. Academics and industry professionals are also engaged at various times to provide expert mentorship and encourage a professional attitude.

‘The group works together as a club, much like a sporting team. Students ‘learn by doing’, giving them experience and practice at STEM-related skills and attributes that are highly valued in the workplace such as problem-solving, data analysis, resourcefulness and communication skills.

‘With research showing that girls are still under-represented in STEM-based subjects and career paths, we wanted to provide these additional opportunities for our girls to tap their interests, hone their skills and build confidence in their ability to pursue any career path they wish’, she said.

In 2021, around 30 Year 8 students are enrolled in the club as a class subject, and upwards of 50 students participate each Wednesday after school from 3.30–5.00 pm.

This year, the club is focused on several key projects including:

  • developing a ‘sensory room’ at the college as a place to help students remain calm and focused and support their wellbeing
  • developing a ‘classroom assistant’ alert solution to help students ask questions or seek assistance from their teachers without having to openly identify themselves or disturb the rest of the class
  • developing an ‘escape room’ as a challenge opportunity for students to interpret and follow clues, and work as a team to ‘escape’ the room within a time limit
  • designing and building a weather balloon
  • investigating the need for and potentially designing an insect hotel.

(2021 projects have more of an internal school focus than in the past due to the restrictions of COVID-19.)

The Bradbury Club was formed in 2016 and has achieved national recognition for past projects including the development of the Fact-Tastic app (available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store), and a Victoria-wide study that found property prices in streets with ‘silly’ names were about 20 per cent lower than properties in more ‘sensibly’ named roads.

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