The Sacred Heart College Archives, located at the Geelong site, is the storehouse for an important collection of items that document the history of the College, from its foundation in 1860 to the present day. The main objective of the Sacred Heart Archive is to acquire, catalogue and preserve a collection of archival and heritage material, created by or relating to Sacred Heart College Geelong.

Our archives include:

Admissions records
Organisational documents
College publications
Ecclesiastical items
Digital media
Student work
Class materials

By collecting and interpreting archival material we are able to tell the stories of those who attended, lived and worked at Sacred Heart College Geelong. Donations of items that relate to Alumni, or the College’s history are most welcome. The Sacred Heart Archive is committed to sharing our heritage with our networks and the wider community. Research enquiries are very welcome and can be directed to the College Archivist at

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