Care, Safety and Welfare

Student Medical Management and First Aid Policy

Student Positive Behaviour Policy

Student Digital Technologies Policy

Student Supervision Policy

Student Service Provision Policy

Child Safety and Wellbeing

Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy

Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy - Student Version

Child Safety Code of Conduct

Engaging Families in Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy

PROTECT - Identifying and Responding to Abuse Policy

Reportable Conduct Policy

Working With Children Check Policy

Complaints and Complex Issues

Grievance Management Policy

Grievance Management Policy - Student Friendly


Assessment and Reporting Policy


MEL Work Health and Safety Policy

Respectful Workplace Policy

Enrolment of Students

MEL Parent Code of Conduct Policy

Enrolment Policy


MEL Child Safe Policy

MEL Code of Conduct

MEL Complaints & Grievance Policy

MEL Privacy Policy

MEL Standard Collection Notice

Suspension, Negotiated Transfer and Expulsion of Students

Expulsion of Students Policy 2022

Negotiated Transfer of Students Policy 2022

Suspension of Students Policy 2022

MEL Policies

1 08 Conflict of Interest Policy

1 08 Conflict of Interest Operational Instructions

1 08 Conflict of Interest Declaration Form

4 07 Gender Equity Policy

6 09 Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy

6 10 Child Safety and Wellbeing Reporting

Other Policies

Advisory Council Constitution

Alcohol Policy

Alumni Association Collection Policy

Collection of Outstanding Fees Policy

Complaints Management

Critical Incident Procedure

Drugs in School Policy

Employment Collection Notice

Evacuation Map

Facilities Hire Policy

Four Critical Actions Child Abuse

Home Learning Policy

Hygiene Policy

Language Policy

Learning Philosophy

Mac Book Program Guidelines

Manual Handling Policy

MEL Code of Conduct Employees and Volunteers

MEL Conflict of Interest Policy

MEL Gender Equity Policy

MEL Whistleblower Policy

Mercy Justice Advocacy Policy

Mobile Devices Policy

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Responding to Student Sexual Offending TEMPLATE

Responding to Suspected Child Abuse TEMPLATE

Site Access Policy

Special Needs Policy

Student Expectations

Sun Awareness Policy

Therapy and Assistance Dogs Policy

Uniform Policy

Workplace Equal Opportunity Policy

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