Music st SHC

Music is a universal expression of human experience.

It is evident in all cultures across the globe and can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age or ability. Scientific research has identified several dimensions of human life (cognitive, psychological, social, and emotional) which are positively affected by music.

At Sacred Heart College we are committed to offering a broad and accessible music program for all students. The classroom framework, individual music tuition program and the range of extra - curricular opportunities means that every student can find their place within the musical life of the College.

Classroom Music Program

All students study music for one semester in Year 7 and this study includes the practical experience of playing an instrument taught by a qualified specialist. Through listening, responding and creating, students develop musicianship skills. Music technology forms a major part of the musical exploration throughout the semester. From Year 8 onwards, students can continue music as a subject, although it is no longer compulsory. Students in the middle and senior years explore and experience a wide range of performances, compositions and areas of special interest, preparing them for VCE or VET Music if they so choose. 


In pursuing the premise that music is for everyone, the College offers a wide range of music groups. These groups rehearse weekly at lunchtimes or after school.

Broadway Chorus and Yingalay are available for all students who enjoy singing while the College Orchestra, Prelude Ensemble, Chamber Ensemble and String Quartet feature our instrumentalists. Rock Bands, Flamenco Guitar and the Celtic Group add to the vibrant mix of styles and offerings.

All students have the opportunity to study an instrument of their choice, independent of their timetabled classes, through private one on one lessons with a specialist teacher. The range of instruments includes piano, guitar, clarinet, saxophone, flute, strings, brass, percussion and voice. For further information please see our brochure.

Private Music Tuition Brochure

Yingalay students performing as part of a video presentation within the 2021 SHC Easter Liturgy. Yingalay is the Sacred Heart College Auditioned Choir.

The College String Ensemble performs 'The Final Countdown' to celebrate the Class of 2021 in their final year at school.



Theatre Studies

In 2022, our Unit 3 Theatre Studies students were very proud to present their production of The 39 Steps. The production was entirely designed, directed and performed by students, under the guidance of Miss Carmichael. As with many productions in 2022, overcoming absences proved a significant challenge, but thanks to Zoom the show went on! It was the first time since 2019 that we were able to welcome families and friends back in to be our audience so it was a very special and exciting moment for all involved.

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