A School for Girls

Sacred Heart College is a Catholic, learning faith community in the Mercy tradition that has at its centre the dignity and safety of each person. Our vision is to grow our Catholic, Mercy community.

Sacred Heart is a school of distinction – proud of its achievements, its students and staff. Whilst rich in history and tradition our College provides a modern and dynamic school environment.

We recognise that students thrive when they have excellent resources and facilities and can work with inspirational teachers who support them to set and reach goals – both individually and collectively.

Our curriculum is rich and diverse. It equips students for a rapidly changing world and prepares them for the next step on their individual journey. Our aim is to farewell graduates as confident young adults, determined, energised critical thinkers and self-starters. We encourage our students to be enthusiastic participants in all aspects of the College and develop a strong sense of social justice.

Our aim is to create highly capable learners who self-motivate, self-manage, self-modify and self-monitor and who strive to develop ten key learner dispositions.

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Strategy 2020 paved the way for significant change to Sacred Heart. Strategy 2021 and beyond acknowledges that we are living in a new, fast moving and disrupted world. It will enable us to continue to embrace our collective inner strength, our unapologetic perseverance, our unwavering determination and our relentless courage.

Redesigning Learning

At Sacred Heart, we are preparing our girls for a ‘Knowledge Age’, where success depends on being able to do well what you were not taught to do. (Seymour Papert)

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