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Building 'Sensory' at Sacred Heart College

About Geelong Design Week 2022

The theme for GDW 2022 was ‘Taur’ which means ‘belonging’ in the language of the Wadawurrung, Traditional Owners of Djilang (Geelong). GDW 2022 was held from 17 to 27 March, with the theme ‘taur’ which means ‘belonging’ in the language of the Wadawurrung, Traditional Owners of Djilang (Geelong).

Geelong Design Week 

The College recently proudly hosted a Geelong Design Week (GDW) event, 'Sensory' on Friday 25 March 2022 from 4.30pm to 7.00pm and Saturday 26 March 2022 from 10.30am to 4.30pm.

The theme for GDW 2022 was ‘Taur’ which means ‘belonging’ in the language of the Wadawurrung, Traditional Owners of Djilang (Geelong).

'Sensory' at SHC

Sacred Heart was very excited and proud to once again be featured as part of the GDW program, with our event 'Sensory'.

Sensory was an installation that merged nature, technology, and design. Three dreamy spaces for meditation and escape from stress and uncertainty. Sensory showcased the relationship between our physical and mental wellbeing, where an environment is created to perfectly pair nature and artifice. The Installation comprised three temporary pavilions, each with a unique theme - nature, light, and colour. Each space is a testing ground for students to learn about architecture, design, technology, and sustainability.

Over the six months preceding, students researched and analysed scientific data about the health benefits of nature, colour and light within spaces. Utilising their research findings and Design Thinking techniques they created three spaces, each consisting of a theme, a structure, and immersive technology experience.

The sensory installation awakened all the senses – an immersive experience utilising spatial design, visuals, soundscapes, materiality, and landscape. It enabled the mind to escape and to be transformed by a spellbinding scene which inspired and restored awe and wonder.

A space that offered a retreat for the mind – a respite from the stress and disconnection experienced during uncertain times. It was a place to contemplate, retreat, and dream of a hopeful tomorrow.

Students in the College's Makerspace preparing the structures for 'Sensory' installation as part of Geelong Design Week 2022.

Our Talented Event Contributors

Huiliana Chandra-Curry (Holly) Interview as part of Sensory, GDW22 at SHC


Perple \ ˈpər-pəl \ derivatives; colour 'Purple'. The balance of red and blue, intensity beset by calm. Perple embodies this dichotomy. It resonates through our designs which characterise a delicate strength.

Perple is created, designed and made by Huiliana Chandra-Curry (Holly).

Perple is designed for strong women.

The women who dare, the women who know what they want.

Perple is selfless and tender.

Perple is bold and ardent.

Perple was started in October 2019 with a vision to create ethical, trend-less womenswear. Every garment has an enduring heart with a care and focus on delivering quality sustainable products. Perple is a made-to-order brand. Each garment is pattern-made, cut and sewn in-house from mostly dead stock material, only once the order is placed. This allows Perple to be more mindful about waste reduction and have a sustainable and ethical approach to manufacturing. Each Perple piece is hand crafted especially for you. To make it extra special, Perple offers a made-to-measure service to clients. Please go to CUSTOM page to know more.


Dani Storm

Dani is an Industrial designer with a keen interest in the relationship between the environment and our physical and mental wellbeing, and how an environment - which is consciously evolved through design - can amplify those benefits. Her work is focused on designing objects and immersive experiences that make us feel something - spaces that ignite the imagination, but ultimately make us reflect and start a conversation, where we can spend time and reconnect with ourselves and others.

Dani expresses her object-design future vision through her Melbourne-based furniture and industrial design studio, Design by Storm. She is also an avid teacher, helping others develop their skills and perspectives through teaching Industrial Design at RMIT, and in her new role as a Design Mentor and Makerspace Manager at Sacred Heart College in Geelong.

Dani has worked in the USA as a designer at Brendan Ravenhill Lighting Studio. Prior to that she worked in material research into carbon nanotubes and bioplastics with Peter Yeadon, at his NYC-based Yeadon Space Agency. She was the lead designer for Roboticist and kinetic furniture designer, Jessica Banks at Rock Paper Robot. She holds a Masters in Interior Architecture from UNSW Sydney and a Masters in Industrial Design from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in the US, where she won the Bel Geddes Innovation award for a responsive, adaptive robotic side table she designed.

Dani’s work has been included in major exhibitions over the past few years. She presented a remarkable lightning installation at Melbourne Design Week Light+Life exhibition. She also designed the DAYDREAM Exhibition (presented by NGV), in collaboration with Yan Design and Techne Architecture. This initiative transformed an urban car park into a 3D retreat for the mind - a respite from the stress and disconnection of daily life.


Meagan Streader Interview as part of Sensory, GDW22 at SHC

Meagan Streader

Currently based in Naarm/Melbourne, Meagan’s work pushes the limits of light within sculpture and installation - manipulating, reinterpreting and extending upon the boundaries of constructed spaces.

Through site-specific interventions, her multidimensional use of light re-orientates the viewer’s relationship to the pre-existing architecture and scale of a given space. In this way, Streader’s work reveals the pervasive role of light in governing physical and social navigations of fabricated spaces.

Meagan’s awards/prizes include a Highly Commended at the notfair Art Fair in Melbourne. finalist, Footscray Art Prize, Footscray Community Arts Centre and finalist, Churchie National Emerging Art Prize, QUT Art Museum.


Mimosa Schmidt Interview as part of Sensory, GDW22 at SHC

SÜK Workwear – Mimosa Schmidt

Spending her twenties on building sites, farms and long-haul ships, brand founder and creative director of SÜK Workwear, Mimosa Schmidt, knows what it means to get her hands dirty. Often working in hyper masculine spaces, at times being the only woman on site, she also learnt what it means to be watched on the job. Her femininity, in the context of hard labour, was still wrongly seen to imply weakness, incompetence, and inexperience.

Dressed in standard-issue, ill-fitting workwear, Mimosa felt overlooked from the get-go. A feeling that was exacerbated by the harassment and isolation she endured, for which gender seemed to be the only catalyst. Slogging it out in sagging overalls and baggy work shirts, she started to dream up designs that would empower those who have to work doubly hard to earn the respect most others are given freely.

Enter SÜK Workwear. The culmination of years of research and inspired design prototypes, SÜK is built on the ethos of celebrating all workers as worthy. SÜK invites all bodies to have the confidence to be their most creative selves, the versatility to endure any task, and the freedom to look cool while doing it.


Laura Woodward Interview as part of Sensory, GDW22 at SHC

Laura Woodward

Laura Woodward lives and works in Castlemaine. She has been creating sculptural kinetic installations for several years, with her installations exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout Australia. Laura's current explorations focus on the potential of system-based kinetic installations, where inherent logic drives its formal and systematic emergence.

Laura received an Australia Council Emerging Artist New Work Grant in 2010 and Australia Council Mid-Career Artist New Work Grants in 2013 and 2014; was the winner of the Agendo Prize for Emerging Artists in 2009; and received both the Vulcan Steel Postgraduate Tutorship Award and a Freedman Foundation Travelling Scholarship Award in 2007. She has also been short-listed for numerous awards and commissions, including the Melbourne Fire Brigade memorial for fallen fire-fighters at Burnley. In 2015 Laura received a 'Highly Commended' award for the Art Gallery of NSW Studios in Paris Scholarship. Currently, Laura is a lecturer at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne,


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