Premiers' Reading Challenge

Well done to all who have participated in the 2024 Premiers' Reading Challenge. At time of writing, 137 students have entered the Challenge and between them have read over 1400 books! What an amazing effort! A couple of participants give their thoughts on the Challenge below:

The Victorian Premiers' Reading Challenge requires you to read 15 books from the beginning of January to the end of September. I found out about this challenge by talking to the library staff and I joined because I am always up for a challenge. As an avid reader I found the challenge easy to complete and enjoyed participating. I would definitely participate in the challenge again next year because it encourages me to continue reading and finding new genres. This is a great initiative to get people reading who usually wouldn’t. I would recommend this to anyone who wishes to try it out.

Ava Howie, Year 9

The Premiers' Reading Challenge is a competition between students to read the most books over the year, however, you don’t have to come first or second to get a certificate as you get one if you reach the challenge requirements. The challenge requirements are ten challenge books, which are books selected by the people in charge of the challenge, and five choice books, which are books that aren’t on the list and you choose to read them. I think that fifteen books is not an out-of-reach target and I believe that everyone at Sacred Heart College can meet the challenge's requirements. One of the books I read was sister heart which was an amazing and heart touching book. Another book I read was Percy Jackson which was such a capturing and enthralling book. I learned about the Premiers' Reading Challenge from the librarians who informed our class in our library session on a Tuesday. I joined the challenge because of the number of books I read in a year and the joy I get from reading and immersing myself in that fictional world. I’ve already read forty-two books and have met the requirements of the challenge and I think I will participate again next year.

Jemma Starick, Year 7

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