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Dance on Stage and Screen has been a blast! As a class we have all had so much fun exploring different styles of performance such as musical theatre and contemporary. Each unit pushed us to choreograph challenging and engaging choreography. Each of us has taken prior experience and received new skills when it comes to dance. Whether we had been dancing since we were little or were brand new to choreographing. Performances were professional and exciting to put together with the plethora of lighting setups in the dance/drama studio. I speak for everyone when I say that Dance and Stage and Screen was a fun and enjoyable subject, regardless of whether you have years of dance experience under your belt or are brand new to dance.

Emma Owen Year 10 Dance Stage and Screen

Throughout the course of our dance, I have really enjoyed working as a group to produce a dance about women’s rights. I have certainly extended my knowledge on dance and skills, as we used a variety within our performance. Dance is all about expressing your emotions by using your body and having fun. I would definitely say that I discovered these throughout our journey of constructing a meaningful dance. Using technology was a great way to convey our message to the audience, and it looked really awesome. One thing I really enjoyed about this task was how we were able to be free and we had our own choice of what to create, while working as a group, but most importantly, having fun.

Year 8 - Dance and Technology student

I have really enjoyed this dance project with all my friends and I we were challenged by remembering the dance and coming up with new ideas to put into our dance, we had lot of fun working towards this dance and throughout the term we have become very close and have has lots of great laughs and memories. As a group we have created a very beautiful meaningful dance that we are all proud of and many things went well like celebrating our ideas together.

Year 8 - Dance and Technology student

I enjoyed the laughs and jokes that my group as made up, I also really liked how none of us knew who everyone was at the start (we knew like at least one other person in the group) but by the end of the project, we have all become pretty good friends. I liked how we didn’t just perform our dances but we got to see everyone else’s and the hard work they have put in for the dance to become alive.

Year 8 - Dance and Technology student

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