Eyes on 7ATU

7ATU learned a lot about the structure of the eye in Science in Week 8. Here are some of their reflections:

What did you learn? What eye parts could you identify?

I could Identify the lens, cornea, optic nerve, pupil, muscle, fat, iris and tissue. I learnt that there is fat to protect the eyes from being damaged

I learnt that the lens is like a magnifier glass. I could identify the lens and the jelly.

I found it really interesting that when you put the lens on the paper, it magnified it.

I learned that a cow's eye is very similar to a human eye.

The cornea is the front layer of your eye, the pupil is the black dot in the middle of your eye that is a gateway for light. The Iris is the part of your eye with colour. The lens is behind the pupil and iris and magnifies.

What went well:

I didn't vomit

Was dissecting an eye a good way to learn about the parts of the eye?

Yes it was because you can see the parts of the eye in real life and see where they are in the eye.

I think that dissecting the eye really helped my understanding of how an eye looks, feels, and works.

Dissecting was very informative and helpful to learn all of the parts of the eye.

I feel dissecting an eye was a really good way to learn about the eye because we got to see it hands on and not just an image or video.

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