Unity Day

On the 4th of November, the Sacred Heart College community participated in Unity Day, a day of recognition and raising awareness for the issues that Indigenous Australians continue to face in today’s society.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are the oldest surviving culture in the world, having lived on for 75 000 years. We respect their tenacity in the challenges that they continue to face, but as people of the future, we must fight for the past of our country. We have to be active participants in the Reconciliation process. We have the chance to stand for what is right, and to create a future for all people of Australia. We, the catholic secondary schools of Djilang, walk with our Aboriginal brothers and sisters in recognition of the past, and in the spirit of hope and healing. We are the future, we understand the past, and we walk as one.

Students and teachers were given the opportunity to pledge their commitment to unity, and enjoyed live music performances from talented Sacred Heart students. Funds were raised towards the Opening the Doors Foundation, an organisation supporting educational opportunities for Aboriginal children.

For more information on this organisation, or to donate, visit their website: Opening the Doors

Geelong Catholic Colleges Unity Day Video

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