VCAL Happenings

Our VCAL students have been very busy lately! Here is a snapshot of some of the activities they have undertaken.

Team Challenge Anglesea:

I really enjoyed the team building activities that we did in Anglesea, I found that even if you weren’t in a group with your friends, everybody was able to get along and have a laugh with each other and I think that it actually did help us get closer together as a class. My favourite activity was the first activity we did with the bell and the pipe, we didn’t do it very well but I just found it so funny.

Isla Riches 11CLAFE

Personal Challenge – Surfing Torquay:

Even though it has been another year of covid, we still got to get out on excursions. One that stood out to me was the surfing excursion that was last Tuesday. I thought the surfing excursion was a really fun experience and I was able to push myself to get into the cold water and have a go. Oh boy I did not expect the water to be this cold but I wanted to just keep going and give it a go. Wow, the waves were so much fun. I wasn’t really sure on how to get going and catch a wave so I got one of the teachers who were in the water to help me catch my first wave. After three or four times of them helping, I tried to do it myself. I was struggling when I lay down on the board to balance myself but I still pushed myself time and time again, even those times when I couldn’t even lay on the board. I was really happy with myself cause after many times of trying I did succeed to stand up for at least a second.

Jess Garvey 11LORMC

Werribee Open Range Zoo:

In the VCAL group we were able to experience an excursion to the Werribee Zoo, as part of our Work Related Skills – Careers tasks we got to meet one of the zookeepers who works with the animals and she explained to us how she was able to get the job of a zookeeper, she spoke about her challenges and struggles of becoming a zookeeper and being able to work with animals full time, even after all the hard times she spoke about how amazing it was to achieve her goal of her dream job of a zookeeper. She gave us an idea of where to start if we did want to work in the animal department as a future job. We were also able to experience a safari bus trip around the back of the zoo, we were able to see animals up close from all around the world including giraffes, rhinos, zebras etc. overall I had a really enjoyable time and it was a great experience to see animals you many never see again up close and in real life.

Lucy McBain 11CLABA

Community Project Fundraising:

Despite COVID lockdowns and restrictions we were still able to complete aspects of our VCAL Community Projects. Fundraiser biscuits baked through my traineeship that I decorated to support Down Syndrome – Victoria were sold in honour of my late friend, Georgia Brown. Although I was only able to make a certain amount of biscuits due to lockdowns restricting supplies, I am pleased to be able to donate to a worthy cause.

Kiarra Sunderland 12PAAEH

Our Headspace Community Project Silent Auction was finally able to go ahead and we appreciate everyone’s support and patience with the changes to the project that started as a ‘sit-down’ formal fundraiser dinner and eventuated as an online silent auction. Thank you very much for bidding on our auction items and for our wonderful donations to support Headspace – Geelong. We have managed to raise over $1200 through this project which wonderful.

Lucy Wood 12SIAWB & Alicia Hawkins 12PAAAH

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