Year 7 Faith Day - A Student's Reflection

Mary - connecting us to our faith

On the 21st of October 2021, Year 7 had the privilege to be a part of their first ‘Faith Day’ here at SHC. We started out in the morning by playing a few games outside and also visiting the Grotto. Throughout the day we enjoyed many activities such as sewing together hearts, crosses and other religious symbols as well as a trip to the chapel to admire the stained-glass windows and we even tried to make a few ourselves. We concluded the day with a liturgy and a slideshow of some of the amazing memories we’ve had so far this year. (mainly images from our camp at Mill Valley Ranch at the start of the year)

Personally, I think Faith Day was a huge success. We were able to connect with our faith and we learnt more about the importance of Mary and the life she lived both before and after the birth of her son Jesus.

Lily Walters 7CT

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