SCSA Swimming and Diving Competition

On Thursday 24 March, 51 students took part in the SCSA Division 1 Swimming and Diving competition held at MSAC. The students plus five staff headed up to the event in the afternoon. All the students were excited and ready to go when we arrived. It was a fantastic night for the SHC team as they all competed as best as they could and as a team, cheering each other on from the stands.

Sacred Heart had a very successful night with the overall results showing great individual and team spirit. The SHC Swimming team finished first in the Junior and Senior divisions and 3rd in the intermediates. This resulted in SHC winning the overall trophy as well.

The SHC Divers also had a successful night which resulted in 2nd overall.

A big congratulations to all students who participated on the night, it was great to see team spirit and determination from all.

A huge thank you to Miss Abbey Turner for organising the swim team, Mrs. Marcelle Korth and George Niewman for organising, supporting and supervising the diving team. To the Year 12 students who have contributed to the swimming team over the last 6 years, thank you. Thank you to Miss Amy Whitfield and Kate Swift for their assistance on the night Overall it was a fantastic night.

Bianca Cheever, Sport Coordinator

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