Electric Vehicle Visit - Geelong Sustainability

On Monday and Tuesday the last week of term, John Pearce from Geelong Sustainability parked an MG Electric Vehicle in the school yard. He gave a students a tour of the inside and outside of the car, and noted the interesting features (such as lack of a tailshaft and gearstick). He explained to student how electric vehicles work, how they are different to petrol cars, and how they can help reduce our carbon emissions. He emphasised to the students that these were the cars they would be driving in the not too distant future. Here are some quotes in response from students:

"It's eco-friendly and even though it is expensive, we are going to use it in 8 years time. You can put your shopping in the trunk, or as Americans like to say frunk” - Sophia Poh

"Although an electric car is more expensive upfront, the cost of petrol is getting more expensive, so over time the electric car will actually become cheaper and you will be saving money by charging your car with a battery instead of petrol” - Andie Byrne

“It was really interesting hearing from John (Geelong Sustainability), about how electric cars will be the way of the future. It was great hearing about how electric cars work and then getting to see a real electric car’s motor first hand" - Year 10 Care for Common Home student

For detailed notes from Geelong Sustainability on how to compare and purchase electric. Vehicles go to tinyurl.com/GS-EV-Notes.

Geelong Sustainability is hosting an EV 101 session on the Belmont Library on Sat 16 July at 11am if you would like to learn more about ZEVs. The presenter is industry expert Bryce Gaton. https://www.geelongsustainability.org.au/product/electric-vehicles-101/

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