SCSA Softball

Congratulations to the students who participated in the SCSA Softball on Tuesday 11 October at Stead Park, Geelong. Sacred Heart College competed against three Melbourne Catholic schools – Killester, Mater Christi, and Mt. St. Joseph’s. SHC competed well against tough opponents throughout the day. Games ran for 50 minutes and it was the team with the most runs at the conclusion of time that won. 

Our Juniors won the Grand Final, becoming champions for the day, with Amelie Power winning Best on Field. Our Intermediates only missed out on the Grand Final by one run to finish third overall, and our Seniors who amazingly made it to the Grand Final only lost by 3 runs to finish runners-up. All students should be proud of their effort.

Thank you to Junior coach Mandy McMahon, Intermediate coach Claire Breed, and Senior coach Macy McKoy. Also, a special thank you to Tess Mahar for assisting with the hosting of the day with the administration tasks required.


1st – SHC Geelong

2nd – Mater Christi

3rd – Killester

4th – Mt. St. Joseph’s


1st - Mt. St. Joseph’s

2nd - Mater Christi

3rd - SHC Geelong

4th - Killester


1st - Killester

2nd - SHC Geelong

3rd - Mater Christi

4th - Mt. St. Joseph’s


Juniors: Lyla Allen, Aweng Ayom, Charlotte Baxter, Scarlett Birrell, Alice Christian, Ally Croft, Maggie Conway, Lucy Gummer, Bella Little, Vivian Middleton, Amelie Power, Sophie Jordan.

Intermediates: Hannah Laro-Bashford, Georgie Pritchard, Bella Torney, Madison Dalziel, Bridget Baxter, Charmaine Turner, Jasmine O’Donnell, Mary Rolfe, Rachel Carter, Tayla Winiecki, Hayley McDonald.

Seniors: Alicia Williams, Eva Leggett, Amelia Angleton, Bree Sampson, Alana Khallouf, Ava Osborne, Sofia Castello, Millicent McCarthy, Bianca Deckker, Luka Kanellos, Tia McGarth.

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