SHC Takes Out GISSA Football Competition


Congratulations to our senior school footballers in taking out yet another GISSA sports competition trophy. Our girls defeated (destroyed, actually) Geelong College, St.Ignatius and Covenant and in doing so qualified for the Herald Sun Girls Shield finals to be held in early September. The team, brilliantly led by Year 12 Co-Captains Ella Rayson and Eliza Thiele, played exciting, aggressive, team football in spite of the miserably wet and muddy conditions. Leila Owens starred up forward with nine goals throughout the competition while Kate Martin and Tess De Grandi dominated in the ruck. Mekah Morrissey, Mia Barnard and Sophie Mahar were huge ball winners around the ground as Lila Richards, Tamykah Brown and Jo Sunderland ensured nothing got through in defence. Mako Payne and Eve Cannon were both in spectacular form up forward, the Delaney twins created havoc and confusion while Mia Tucker and Abbey Hocking chipped in when needed. Lauren Edwards crunched some opposition bodies as Hanna Glover, Matilda Kidd and Katie Keenan all had a red hot go. Olivia Smith and Keely Kinsey helped out in a variety of roles, Mia Van Dyke provided wise counsel while our trainee, Tess Mahar did all the heavy lifting. The Sports Director, Bianca Cheever made sure it could all happen. As for the coach, he accurately observed 'I couldn’t have done it without the players'.


Game 1
SHC 11.7.73
Geelong College 0.0.0
Goals: Leila Owens 4, Mekah Morrissy 2, Mia Tucker 1, Sophie Mahar 1, Katie Keenan 1, Mako Payne 1, Ashley Delaney 1
Best: Ella Rayson, Mia Barnard, Mekah Morrissy, Leila Owens, Sophie Mahar, Eliza Thiele, Mia Tucker, Kate Martin, Tess De Grandi
Game 2
SHC 10.5.65
St Ignatius College 1.0.6
Goals: Leila Owens 2, Ashley Delaney 2, Mia Barnard 2, Mekah Morrissy 2, Jo Sunderland 2
Best: Lila Richard, Ella Rayson, Mia Barnard, Mekah Morrissy, Jo Sunderland, Leila Owens, Ashley Delaney, Lauren Edwards, Georgia Delaney
Grand Final
SHC 8.9.57
Covenant College 1.0.6
Goals: Leila Owens 3, Jo Sunderland 2, Sophie Mahar 1, Eve Cannon 1, Eliza Thiele 1
Best: Eve Cannon, Sophie Mahar, Mekah Morrissy, Tess DeGrandi, Kate Martin, Leila Owens, Ella Rayson, Mako Payne, Eliza Thiele, Jo Sunderland

For 29.21.195
Against 2.0.12

The Team:
Backs Tamykah Brown Jo Sunderland Hannah Glover
Half Backs Lila Richard Tess De Grandi Matilda Kidd
Centres Ella Rayson Sophie Mahar Mia Barnard
Half Forwards Mia Tucker Leila Owens Eve Cannon
Forwards Ashley Delaney Mako Payne Georgia Delaney
Rucks Kate Martin Eliza Thiele
Rover Mekah Morrissy
Interchange Abbey Hocking Lauren Edwards Katie Keenan
Coach Anthony Petkovic
Assistants Tess Mahar Mia Van Dyke
Athletic Supports Olivia Smith Keely Kinsey
Co-Captains Ella Rayson Eliza Thiele

Anthony Petkovic, Senior Football Coach

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