Time Traveller

In 2022 we introduced a new history subject called Time Traveller. Time Traveller is a history-based subject that focuses on local Australian History – the Geelong Region. 

Exploring the history through different lenses and perspectives, students were immersed in the different eras through research and practical application with our educational partner The National Trust. Throughout this subject students explored the life of the Wadawurrung Pre- and Post-European settlement, the impact of colonisation, the first settlers stories of Geelong and the impact of the Gold Rush on Geelong and Victoria. Exploring local mansions and visiting Sovereign Hill, students have been challenged to immerse themselves in the time period under study. 

Recently, students completed their own individual research into an inquiry question that interested and framed their in-depth research. Aligned to the school's learning framework of Universal Design for Learning, students were given freedom and choice in how they represented their knowledge. Displayed below are some the amazing pieces of work that were produced. Well done students!

Richie McCann, Leader of Innovation and Networks

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