House Cricket Competition

Congratulations to all the students who competed in the first House Cricket competition held during November last year.

Thursday 10th November
Batting Team: Loyola/Clairvaux - 89 runs
Bowling Team: Padua/Siena - 2 wickets (Isabella Torney, Ally Croft)

Thursday 17th November
Batting Team: Padua/Siena - 56 runs
Bowling Team: Loyola/Clairvaux - 2 wickets (Tia McGarth, Tamryn Van Rooyen), 1 catch (b - Alyssa Bolger, c - Tia McGarth)


Padua/Siena - Macy Lee, Isla Hanna-Phillps, Edwina McKenzie, Heidi Armstrong, Ally Croft, Isabelle Torney, Jasmine O’Donnell, Mary Rolfe, Isabel Ballesteros
- Tia McGarth, Georgia Pritchard, Amelia Power, Sophie Jordan, Lucy Gummer, Scarlett Birrell, Tamryn Van Rooyen, Alyssa Bolger.

The winning houses were Loyola/Clairvaux! Well done to everyone who participated. 

A special thank you to staff Colin Cunliffe and Richie McCann for umpiring the games which were held over lunchtime.

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