House Football Competition

We held our first ever House Football Competition during Living Mercy on Monday 28 November last year, whereby Clairvaux took on Siena in the opening match followed by Loyola and Padua fighting it out in the second game. Both games showcased great skill, speed, tenacity and sportsmanship.

I want to congratulate all the players, coaches, runners and first aid staff for participating in two fantastic games. A huge thank you to all students and staff who came down to watch. It was great to see everyone cheering on your house and friends in the game, and most of all having FUN!

A special thank you to our umpires: Field – staff Richie McCann, Boundary - Ariel Van Der Poll and staff Macy McKoy and Goal Umpires - Hayley Hunt and staff Fiona Biggs. Thanks also to staff members Mick Symes for marking out the ground with lines for the game (the oval looked amazing), Jack Andrews for being the MC along with student Sophie Ford, Music/Sound maestro Nam Huynh and Narelle Dickson for timekeeping our games.


Siena 0 - Clairvaux 18


Loyola 17 - Padua 22

Well done to Clairvaux and Padua for winning their games.

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