Victorian All Schools Swimming Relays

This year our SHC swimmers representative team competed in the All Schools Swimming Relays, held on Monday 4 March at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre.

Students and staff headed up on a bus together. All students came prepared to race and were very supportive of one another, cheering and clapping throughout the events.

Sacred Heart College were very competitive in all relay events against the best schools in Victoria. The students should be very proud of their efforts. Well done!

I would like to say thank you to all students who came along on the night and a special thanks to staff Casee Graham and Steph Ellis for organising the team before the competition.


Julia de Lima, Isabela de Lima, Emma Henderson, Elodie walker, Evie Lee, Juliette Mason, Ava Neill, Matilda Norman, Charli Hill, Sienna Lucas, Natalia Muises-Khoury, Imogen Hall, Macy Lee, Amelia Shell, Georgia Caracella, Olivia Carey, Maggie Clatworthy, Jamie Flanagan, Sian Hughes, Chloe Walsh.

Results in Heats:

14 & Under Medley A – 20th

14 & Under Medley B – 25th

14 & Under Breaststroke A – 18th

14 & Under Breaststroke B – 23rd

14 & Under Backstroke A - 19th

14 & Under Backstroke A - 24th

14 & Under Freestyle A – 21st

14 & Under Freestyle B – 27th

15 & Over Medley A - 20th

15 & Over Breaststroke A - 14th

15 & Over Breaststroke B - 17th

15 & Over Backstroke A - 24th

15 & Over Backstroke B - 28th

Girls Freestyle A - 19th

Girls Freestyle B – 23rd

Girls Freestyle C – 25th

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