School Surf Life Saving League Competition

Congratulations to the students who participated in the School Surf Life Saving League competition on Thursday 16 March. The students competed in different events across the day including:

  • Beach – Flags, Sprints, Beach Relay.
  • Water – Swim, Wade Relay, Board Race, Aqua Cameron.

At the end of the day SHC came 1st in the Girls division by over 40+ points to Toorak Collage and Peninsula College. Well done to all the students on a fantastic effort!

Also, a big thank you to staff members Bo Chudosnik and Declan Hargreaves who helped run a smooth day. To our trainees Claire and Daisy, thank you for your help being water safety for the morning session and to our families who came to support SHC.


Years 7 & 8Ava Neill, Ruby Dokos, Mac Allen, Lily Franklin, Bella Leahy, Ella Martin-Alcaide, Catherine Robertson, Bronte Tracey, Billi Mooney
Years 9 & 10Scarlett Birrell, Zoe McCardel, Milla Browning, Chloe Reyntjes, Chloe Walsh, Jamie Flanagan, Kayla Forward, Molly Leith
Years 11 & 12Stella Draper, Georgia McCardel, Claudia Draper, Jess Paranavitana

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