CGSAV Basketball

On Tuesday 26 April, students travelled up the road to Melbourne to compete in the CGSAV Basketball Tournament. All teams showed great skill, teamwork, encouragement and sportsmanship throughout the day.

The Junior A finished 2nd in a close Grand Final against St. Columbus. Jade Chow was presented with player of the match in the Grand Final. The Junior B team went on to win the Grand Final. Lyla Kenny was presented with player of the match in the Grand Final. The Intermediates battled in the Semi-final against St. Columbus, only narrowly missing out on the Grand final game. The Senior girls had tough competition and competed in all their games to finish 6th overall.

It was a great effort by all students, and they should be proud of themselves. Thank you to staff Deb Bohan, Kara Shuttleworth and Tyler Reid for their great coaching on the day!

Juniors A:

Amelia Atanasov, Jade Chow, Ruby Doyle, Maggie McDonald, Kaeli Oliver, Sienna Schmidt, Harriett Taylor, Violet Miers, Ruby Tabone

Juniors B:

Mabel Allchin, Eloise Butcher, Marni Furness, Madeleine Leicester, Tia Sizer, Remy Sliwa, Amelia Jackson, Lila Butcher, Molly Brilliant, Lyla Kenny


Olivia Iddles, Edwina McKenzie, Zara Young, Georgia Wall, Milla Browning, Maddie Cotter, Karla Boras, Evie Albones, Estelle Bompas, Elleischa Sizer


Zoe Crook, Maggie Gleeson, Sasha Young, Lila Burns, Bella O’Dwyer, Mekha Morrissy, Elly Hannam, Alicia McDonald, Ruby Healy

Junior A Team
Junior B Team
Intermediate Team
Senior Team

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