Sport Aerobics

Congratulations to our students who were involved in the sport aerobics FISAF Super Series on the weekend of Saturday 11 May - Sunday 12 May. The results were as follows:

Secondary Pre-Choreographed Teams Year 7 Final (Session 3)

SHC Stars - 3rd

SHC Dolphins - 6th

SHC Diamonds - 7th

SHC Hearts - 9th

Secondary Pre-Choreographed Teams Year 7 Final (Session 4)

SHC It Girls - 1st

SHC Fly Girls - 9th

Junior International - Female - Final

1st - Katie McKeague

Youth International Duo - Final

2nd - Katie McKeague

Youth National Pairs - Final

2nd - Ivy Burns and Phoebe Allan

Youth international female

6th - Izzy Morse

Youth national advanced female

6th - Savannah Smith

Junior Phase 2 Elementary female

3rd - Eden Cummings

Well done to all those who performed and gave their all!

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