VET Music @ The Barwon Club

Our VET Music experience at the Barwon Club was much more than expected. Performing was incredibly fun, and playing in front of an audience was a fantastic experience. All of the bands were brilliant, and the night was unforgettable. Three bands from Sacred Heart made the night truly special. VET music teacher, Rob Gador, organised a brilliant opportunity to perform at the BC on June 13th.

The first Sacred Heart band to take the stage featured the trio of Eliza Wilson on lead vocals and guitar, Felix Lees also alongside on guitar and Chriscelle Bachoco sharing the performance with guitar and bass. Their lineup of songs was great. They gave the audience a sense of wonder and enjoyment with their performance of hit songs.

The second band was Zoe Winiecki, on lead vocals alongside Alyssa Andrews, also on vocals, with our two dear Clonard friends, Tayla Boden and Jacqueline (Jac) Kolar. We also had a great feature from our guitar teacher, Mr Ben Baker who helped assist us on bass guitar. With a set list of hit songs, we truly rocked the stage!

Our last band performed with attitude, a list of heavy-hitting & 90s songs. Elsie Anderson was on lead vocals and guitar, Geneva Bridgen on guitar and backing vocals, Audrey Dickens on bass, and Violet Dillion on drums. Rocking out the stage with their music, it was a showstopper!

The turnout and support from parents and friends was fantastic, making the event even more special. All the preparation leading up to that moment on stage was worth it. Letting loose and having a good time while performing was simply the best—it’s hard to put into words, but let’s just say it was unreal!

For anyone wanting to become a musician or gain experience performing in front of a crowd, VET Music is definitely the way to go!

Zoe Winiecki, Year 10

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