Visible Wellbeing and Relationship Building

The focus of Living Mercy on Monday, March 1st was Relationship Building. All students joined their year level peers in a range of activities, including shared-lunch, trivia, netball, volleyball and soccer. The year 8s participated in activities to earn points for the 8/9 House Competition.

Highlights from year 8 students include:

I got to meet new people and become closer with my friends as we were spending time together - Jahli Bennett
I really enjoyed this activity as I could get outside and have some fun with friends and my house colour team. I hope we can do this more in the future - Mimi Mathey
In trivia, we could work as a team with people we know but might not work with as much in our classes. We had to work together and put the answer in as fast as we could - Sarah O'Loughlen

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