Year 7 Camp Reflections

Mill Valley Ranch in Tynong North was an amazing Year 7 camp experience and I had the best time there. It was a great opportunity to make new friends and get to know more about your current ones.

On the first day of camp, we did three activities and on the second, we did a few more. The activities were super fun and even if I thought I wouldn’t like it, I did. The activities that we did were Horse Riding, which was a little nerve wracking at first but was super fun. Raft Building, I heard everyone screaming at how cold the water in the lake was but how fun it was in there at the same time. Crafts, where we made a cute little sewn heart. Crate Climbing, which was soo fun and I think I got the highest amount of crates in my group, although, my shins were really bruised from leaning onto the crates. We also did team activities and the Amazing Race which were both really fun. Lastly, we also did different night activities like the Night Walk and watching a Movie. The night walk was really fun with people being themselves and maybe a little more humor. Plus the beautiful sunset which was sadly covered slightly by the clouds. The movie we watched was ‘Ride Like a Girl’ which was a wonderful movie to watch with half of the year 7 cohort.

The food there was amazing, although I did hear some people saying they didn't enjoy some of the meat, which is also a personal opinion, but I really enjoyed it. On the first day, we only had dinner which was chicken schnitzel, and the vegetarian option was some sort of veggie schnitzel. In the morning, we had an ordinary breakfast but it was still pretty good. On the second day, we had lamb wraps and for dinner we had roast lamb and veggies. On the third day we had the same brekkie and a ham roll although I didn't have the ham.

This was such a great experience and I hope I can do something like this again soon!

Evelyn Downie 7JTD

As I woke to the annoying sound of my alarm, I realised that today was the day I would be attending my first High School camp! A great amount of excitement poured through my body because I would be spending two nights and three days with five year seven classes. The journey to Tynong North was so much fun, even though it felt like I was on the bus for hours.

Finally, we arrived, and were able to eat our lunch, but my stomach was filled with so much excitement that there was no room to eat! During our time at camp, we had so much fun doing activities such as; raft building, the amazing race, crafts, crate climbing and last of all horse riding which overall was by far my favourite!

At camp, I feel like I formed some great new friendships and it taught us all teamwork, compassion and respect towards each other.

Georgie Petrovski 7CT

When I attended Mill Valley Ranch in Tynong North it taught me many things, but the main 3 were Communication, compassion and collaboration. Mill Valley Ranch not only taught me to communicate better, it also helped me to get to know and talk to people I normally wouldn’t.

Raft building would have to be one of my favourite activities as I got to interact with many people in my group and share my ideas. Our raft may not have been the sturdiest, but what made our group so great was the communication we all shared. The way we worked together was incredible. The kind instructor helped us decide which materials to use for our rafts and who would go first.

Overall, I believe this camp really taught us a lot and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to go on this camp with all my friends old and new.

Lily Walters 7CT

As we walked up to the horse arena everyone felt so many mixed emotions. Some people were confident in their horse-riding ability and had ridden a horse before, but others were nervous.

Heading into the riding arena we all were assigned to a horse, mine was named Koda. It was eventually time for the first group to hop on their horses. Three kind instructors went around helping each of us get on a horse. I scanned across the room to see challenging obstacles for the horses to go around which looked quite difficult, but everyone seemed up for the challenge! The riding area suddenly filled with excitement as all the horses started trotting around the circuit, weaving in and out of all the obstacles. Some horses were consistently good, others were a little bit frustrating at times, but in the end, they were all a joy to ride.

Overall, horse riding was an amazing experience, one of the best activities that we had on camp with everyone taking away something that they learnt from it.

Chiara Hooley 7CT

Camp, I just cannot explain how much fun it was! The horse Riding, Raft building, I could go on. I will never forget Mr. Tracey waking our cabin at around 6:45am playing the song ‘Heya' on his laptop dancing around. Let me just say I was having a great sleep until that moment.

I feel like I have definitely become quite close to most of my classmates. They are all so nice and kind. Camp is such a great way to form friendships and feel a sense of belonging. I didn't want to go at first and I wasn't very excited, but I actually had the best 3 days of my life. Well so far, apart from getting married and having my kids, but for now I am going to stick to that.

We ended our camp on a high and to top it off my class and I sang on the bus for at least an hour and a half straight. Most of us lost our voice, but it was definitely worth it. I can’t even express how much fun I had. If this is the start of my journey at Sacred Heart College, I just can't wait for what's to come.

Ruby Watts 7CT

Diamonds - Women in Song Auditions

Make March Matter: Ride the wave with compassion

Throughout the month of March, Sacred Heart College has highlighted the following important dates:

  • International Women’s Day

  • Close the Gap Day

  • Bullying No Way Day

  • Harmony Day

Drawing on our student leaders’ theme for 2021, Ride the Wave with Compassion our students have led many initiatives throughout the school community raising awareness, running activities, and having conversations that are meaningful and relevant.

Make March Matter reminds us all the importance of inclusion and diversity. It invites all of us to advocate for a world where ALL people, especially our most vulnerable experience kindness, compassion, and equal access to the resources they need to live a life free from discrimination and disadvantage.

Bullying No Way Day – Raising awareness on Athletics Day

On Friday 19 March Caring Communities continued to Make March Matter by running a Bullying No Way Day stall at our athletics carnival. All students were invited to participate in the many and varied activities as well as have access to relevant resources.

The stall promoted inclusion and celebrated diversity and reminded us that everyone has the right to feel safe and supported. It was incredibly well received by students and created many opportunities for connection.

Bullying No Way day reminds us that no-one deserves to be bullied. Rather we can choose to be 'upstanders' and:

• treat others how you would like to be treated — with kindness and respect

• include others in games and chats

• only share information about others with their consent.

Harmony Day

On Friday 26 March we celebrated Harmony Day. On this day we were reminded that we are a community of people from many countries around the world. It is important to recognise and celebrate that we come from many different backgrounds, different experiences and different cultures, and yet we are all a part of our SHC community. Everyone belongs. Our diversity is one of our greatest strengths.

A group of student leaders acknowledged this day by inviting the staff and students to write messages of support and solidarity. The messages, written on orange hands, were an opportunity to demonstrate that we, as a community, are at our best when we are inclusive, respect each other and celebrate the fact that everyone can belong.

2021 Victorian All School Swimming Championships

This year our SHC swimmers representative team competed in the All Schools Swimming Relays, held on Thursday 11 March at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre.

Students and staff headed up on a bus together straight after school. All girls came prepared to race and were very supportive of one another, cheering and clapping throughout the events.

Sacred Heart College were very competitive in all relay events and the girls should be very proud of their efforts. They came 10th overall against all schools in the state of Victoria. Well done!

I would like to say thank you to all students who came along on the night and a special thanks to Miss Abbey Turner for organising the team before the competition and Miss Sarah Rivalland from attending the night.


Lacey O’Brien, Isabelle Aitken, Beth Andrews, Aaliyah Kapisiz, Mateah Thompson, Annabelle Leong, Brianna Giles, Claudia Draper, Georgia McCardel, Jade Walters, Sophia Poh, Chanel Simsic, Macy Lee, Amelia Shell, Stella Draper, Sabrina Poh, Chloe Reyntjes, Priya Shiells, Imogen Hall, Milla Browning, Milli Harris.

Bianca Cheever, Director of Sport

2021 Head of School Girls Regatta

Over the 12, 13 and 14th of March 2166 schoolgirls from around the state descended on the Barwon River for the annual Head of Schoolgirls regatta. With disappointment of the cancellation of the 2020 event still fresh in their minds a small but determined group of SHC girls wanted to make this years event a success for the school.

Over the three days of rowing our four crews made a big impression on the regatta. Beatrix Hearn contested the year 9 single scull, winning the D final in a time that would also have seen her win the C final. The year 10 quad scull of Sophie Whelan, Julia Farrelly, Sofia O'Connor, Hannah Glover and Mia Asmus rowed strongly all week, finishing fourth in a closely contested C final. In the open single scull Camryn Howell surprised everyone, including herself, making the A final and narrowly missing a medal in her final year of schoolgirl rowing.

The standout performance for SHC came from open double scull combination of Eliza Ahearn and Evie Timms-Honner, who despite being the smallest crew in the final, still managed to take home a bronze medal from the event. The girls are now looking forward to the 2022 event to see if they can make their way to the top of the podium.

Special thanks go to the hard working group of coaches and parents, including Sandra and Jason Howell, who complete a four stint as rowing club parent committee members.

Well done to all the students who competed in the 2021 Head of the Schoolgirls regatta: Camryn Howell, Eliza Ahearn, Evie Timms-Honner, Sophie Whelan, Sofia O'Connor, Julia Farrelly, Hannah Glover, Mia Asmus and Beatrix Hearn.

SCSA Tennis

On 9 March 22 girls participated in the SCSA Tennis at Geelong Lawn Tennis Club, competing against a range of different schools including Clonard, Santa Maria, OLSH and Catholic Ladies College. The girls played in 6-8 sets and had some fantastic rallies throughout the day. Amazing sportsmanship and support was displayed by the girls.

Junior, Intermediate and Senior teams all made the Grand Final which shows the fantastic depth of our tennis talent at Sacred Heart. All three sections placed 2nd on the day.

Matilda JablonskiOlivia RemiltonCharlotte Iles
Charlie ColesAlice ChomleyHannah Burke
Jasmine WilliamsBree Sampson
Ava WhartonOlivia BryantMatilda Iles
Annie HendersonYvette HarmanElla Richardson
Olivia CampbellLiana Skoko
Eva-May JablonskiLucy BruenjesAmelia Bibby
Charlise DuckettMali LeddinZara Madden




iTinker / Wood Students Anchor Installation

Year 9-10 iTinker/Wood students have been hard at work building the anchor installation for Geelong Design Week. Geelong Design Week evening at Sacred Heart College was held Thursday 18 March.

The evening was an exciting, interactive and creative experience featuring a range of innovative and design-based student run workshops as well as presentations from industry designers.

Siobhan Kavenagh, Design Technology Staff

Sacred Heart Girls place top 10 in Surf Boat Nationals

Congratulations to The Badgers, who are an Under-19 womens Surfboat Racing crew in their second year of competing. The team is made up of current and ex SHC students - Meg Davies year 12, Darienne Reid year 11, Ella O'Hanlon year 11, Remony Reid 2020 SHC graduate, Julia O'Hanlon 2020 SHC graduate. Sweep/Coach is Patrick Spinazolla. They compete for Torquay Surf Life Saving Club.

Last weekend the team travelled to Mollymook NSW for 4 days to compete in the ASRL(Australian Surf Boat Rowers League) National Open Competition. They made the semi finals and placed top 10 in Australia for Under-19 women.

They are currently training for State Titles in Lorne end of the Month and going to Australian Titles / Aussies in Alexander Headlands QLD at the end of April. They train 4 times a week in the boat in the surf as well as attending school and university. They also work and hours of volunteer Life Saving Patrols at Torquay Surf Club.

It is a gutsy, powerful and strong sport for women to compete in. The girls are great friends, with two sets of sisters in the team and all currently attending or having attended Sacred Heart.

Good luck to The Badgers!

Last Day Term 1

Please be advised that Term 1 will finish for students and teaching staff at 2.30pm on Thursday 1 April. Please note the early finishing time.

Please note buses will run at this time. For students catching CDC buses to the Highton area, please check with your bus driver regarding times for afternoon services leaving from SHC on this day.

The College will be closed for Good Friday on 2 April and Easter Monday on 5 April. The College Reception will be open the remainder of the first week of the holidays and will be closed for the second week, reopening for Term 2 on Monday 19 April.

We wish all our students and staff and their families a safe and restful break.

2021 International Women's Day

Last week, we celebrated International Women’s Day, a global movement which recognises the achievements of women, and raises awareness about women’s equality. This year was #choose to challenge, asking all of us to call out gender bias, unhelpful stereotypes and discrimination against women. To commemorate this day, we decided to make last week ‘International Women’s Week’, with a range of activities on offer to signify our support for gender equality.

On Friday, during lunch, we hosted the International Women’s Day Talent Show, an opportunity to celebrate the wonderfully talented women we have right here at Sacred Heart. We were overwhelmed with auditions in the lead up to the Talent Show, but narrowed it down to five finalists, who performed on the day. It was amazing to see so many students gathering in the sunshine on our new St Stephens Lawn to watch and support the performers.

Our winner on the day, Sarah Hobbs, performed an original song titled ‘Who am I?’. In the song, Sarah reflects on the disrespect and inequality women experience in their daily lives. Specifically, she explores the consequences of such gender discrimination, where many women are left questioning their value and self worth. Thus, she challenges gender inequality, reflective of the 2021 International Women’s Day theme: ‘Choose to Challenge’.

Overall, this Talent Show was a fantastic opportunity to bring more awareness to the issues facing Sacred Heart students, as women living in today’s society, and also to celebrate the talented members of our school community. We hope to see this even continue into the future!

The Best of Luck for Neave!

Congratulations to Neave Dickson 8LODC who won the first Obento Club Challenge for 2021. The Obento Club is open to all students studying Japanese and enables them to compete in a very friendly way in a variety of packed lunch challenges.

The first challenge for 2021 was Ehomaki - a lucky direction sushi roll. It contains 7 lucky ingredients said to bring good health and fortune for the coming year. The roll needs to needs eaten uncut, and silently facing the lucky direction for that year. The lucky direction for 2021 is South-South East.

Neave san will choose the theme for the next challenge!!

Debbie Cameron-Davis, LOTE - Japanese

2021 Discovery Day

The College will be hosting Discovery Day/s on Monday 22, Wednesday 24 and Friday 26 March from 9.00am to 11.00am. The events will all include a welcome presentation by Principal Anna Negro and and there will be an opportunity to explore the campus to discover what life at SHC looks like.

For future families wishing to visit the College outside school hours due to work commitments, an opportunity will be available to join us during Geelong Design Week, Thursday 18 March 2021 from 4.00pm to 8.00pm.

To secure your preferred day we invite families to please register via the following link:

Please be advised our event has been registered with the Department of Jobs Precincts and Regions (DJPR). To view the COVIDSafe Event Checklist please click here

Visible Wellbeing and Relationship Building

The focus of Living Mercy on Monday, March 1st was Relationship Building. All students joined their year level peers in a range of activities, including shared-lunch, trivia, netball, volleyball and soccer. The year 8s participated in activities to earn points for the 8/9 House Competition.

Highlights from year 8 students include:

I got to meet new people and become closer with my friends as we were spending time together - Jahli Bennett
I really enjoyed this activity as I could get outside and have some fun with friends and my house colour team. I hope we can do this more in the future - Mimi Mathey
In trivia, we could work as a team with people we know but might not work with as much in our classes. We had to work together and put the answer in as fast as we could - Sarah O'Loughlen

School Photos Ready to Order

Annual school photos have been taken and are now ready to order. Arthur Reed Photos uses an online ordering system where you can view your photos prior to ordering.

On photo day all students received a flyer which includes a code unique to them. You will require this 2021 code to register online and view your photos.

If you have already registered, you will receive an email or SMS from Arthur Reed Photos with a link to view your photos. If you have not yet registered, please go to and enter your code to complete your order.

If you have misplaced your registration code, please contact the Arthur Reed Photos customer service team directly on 5243 4390 or

Please note that you will need to register online with your 2021 photo code to gain access to this year’s images.

All photo packages are being sent home in 2021, so please ensure that you enter the correct details and nominated shipping address upon checkout.

If you require any assistance ordering your photos, please contact Arthur Reed Photos directly on 5243 4390 or email

Siena Go-Kart Competition

To celebrate Siena's Feast Day on Monday 19 April, there will be a Go-Kart competition open to all Sienians!

For more information, please see the images below.

Return to School Assembly

How lovely it was to gather all together on Monday for our first school assembly for 2021! It has certainly been a long time between assemblies, and we felt so lucky to be able to come together and celebrate our College and the many and varied achievements made by our many talented and skilful students.

News from the Music Department

The Performing Arts have had a busy start to 2021 – making the most of the gradual steps back in to live performance, after a challenging year of online rehearsals and concerts.

Year 7 students have been enthusiastically embracing the many musical opportunities on offer, from the new Choral groups such as Broadway Chorus and Soul Sisters, to the wide choice of instrumental music lessons. It has been inspiring to observe their willingness to try new experiences.

Orchestra rehearsals resumed in February with their new location in McAuley Hall and a new repertoire of popular classics. Their performance in the Winter Concert in June should not be missed!

It has been pleasing to see the steady growth of the Prelude Ensemble as younger musicians learn more about their instruments and the art of playing together, as they rehearse on Friday lunchtimes. It is a great way to spend time with friends while brushing up new musicianship skills.

These are just a few of the many activities which keep the PAC area buzzing each day of the week. The first Lunchtime Concert for 2021 will be on Friday March 26 in Room 38, featuring some of our College soloists.

Christine Wilson, Arts Program Coordinator

Parent Communication Afternoon

Please be advised the next Parent Communication Afternoon will be held on Thursday 22 April, from 3.30 to 5.00pm. These evenings are available for parents who wish to discuss immediate or urgent matters with their daughter’s teacher. This can be done via a zoom meeting or a scheduled telephone call.

Teaching staff will be available between 3.30pm to 5.00pm. Please contact the staff member to arrange a suitable time for a meeting or a phone call within these times.

CLOGS Launch

On Wednesday the 24th February, SHC hosted the 2021 CLOGS launch in the Atrium of the Innovation Precinct. CLOGS stands for Catholic Leaders of Geelong Schools and it is a group of all the College Captains from St Joseph’s, St Ignatius, Clonard and Sacred Heart. The evening was an opportunity to meet and get to know the other members of the group, as well as to share and learn about the heritage and traditions of each of the different Catholic schools in Geelong.

The afternoon began with some formal presentations from each of the school leaders and was followed by a dinner, providing us with the chance to meet everyone.

It was great to get to know the other local student leaders and share inspiration and ideas regarding initiatives for this year. We are very excited to get some discussion and planning underway to make 2021 the best year it can be for the Year 12 cohort, as well as our combined school communities and the wider Geelong community.

We were excited to share our 2021 theme ‘Ride the Wave with Compassion’ with the leaders from the other schools. It was great to learn that they too have decided to have a similar focus for this year ahead, appreciating everything in life, being the best version of ourselves that we can be and looking to act with kindness towards others, after the challenges we all went through last year.

Overall it was a very successful evening and we look forward to the many future CLOGS events.

Emma Badrock, Indi Ryan and Isabelle Aitken - SHC College Captains

St Joseph's Open Day

Respect Cup

Congratulations go to the Sacred Heart senior footballers (complemented by several Year 9/10 students) for their gallant win over Loreto, Ballarat at GMHBA Stadium on Tuesday. In a fierce game, Sacred Heart prevailed by 11 points with outstanding contributions from Year 9 student Mekah Morrissey (who won the medal for best afield), Rhiarn Shaw (3 goals), prolific midfielder Charlotte Simpson and dashing defender Lizzie Dowling.

In an exceptionally high standard game, the girls played with great spirit, outstanding sportsmanship and grace. They lived up to the aims of the Respect Cup and were great role models for their sport.

Many thanks to all the staff behind the scenes at St Joseph's, St Pat's, Loreto and Sacred Heart - especially Bianca Cheever, Josh Todd, Michelle Abbott, Marcelle Korth, Cath Gulli, Meg Saxon and Scarlett Hocking - who helped make the event possible. A large crowd stayed on to watch the girls after the boys game where St Joseph's went down to St Pat's by 38 points.

We look forward to competing in this annual event for many years to come.

The Scores:

SHC 1.0, 2.3, 3.5, 5.5 (35) def.
Loreto 1.0, 1.2, 3.5, 3.6 (24)
Goalkickers - Rhiarn Shaw 3, Charlotte Simpson 2
Best Players - Mekah Morrissey, Rhiarn Shaw, Charlotte Simpson, Lizzie Dowling, Mia Van Dyke, Jess Kelly, Ellie McCoy, Emma Badrock, Allegra Lloyd, Laura McAsey, Imogen Castle, Leila Owens

The Team:

Emily Perrett Indianna Jenkins Abby Costa Jessica Kelly Elizabeth Dowling Kiah Williams

Eliza Thiele Emma Badrock Charlotte Simpson Tamara Sferco Mekah Morrissy

Mia Van Dyke Georgia Douglas Allegra Lloyd Madeleine Curran Rhiarn Shaw

Sophie Mahar Leila Owens Ella Rayson Mia Tucker Lily McKane Ellie McCoy Heike Paape-Silva

Tamykah Brown Hannah Glover Eve Davalga Laura McAsey Lila Richard Imogen Castle

Senior Coach - Anthony Petkovic

Principal's Update to Families

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