2020 Ambassador Program

Through Systems Engineering teacher Kaitlin Jobson, my daughter Emily Bagge and fellow student Lucy Robertson have been heavily involved in the 2020 Ambassador Program at the Geelong Tech School.

On Tuesday 23 March the Geelong Tech School held an award ceremony which included the presentation of certificates to the 25 Ambassadors from 12 local high schools that displayed wonderful engagement in their participation in the Tech Schools online offerings in 2020. Particularly impressive was their resilience despite the unique circumstances of last year and the inability for them to access onsite Ambassador program offerings.

During the evening the students were able to present their experiences to an audience as well as demonstrate to guests the various equipment around the Tech School. Specifically, they also acknowledged the exemplary commitment from four students, Kiara Cruz, Matilda Messer, Lucy Robertson (SHC), and Emily Bagge (SHC) for their display of leadership, participating in every single offering as part of the Ambassador Program 2020.

See here for more information: https://www.geelongtechschool.vic.edu.au/2020-ambassadors-presentation/

Jon Bagge, Print Room Manager

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