2021 Athletics Carnival

A sunny day greeted us this year for the Athletics Carnival at SHC on Friday 19 March. The day started beautifully with the Opening Ceremony Performance by our House Leaders. Our four house themes this year were: Once Upon a Padua, Loyola’s Back from the Dead, Siena’s Toybox and Clairvaux at the Grammy’s.

Congratulations to all those who participated and earned a participation point for their house. It was great to see so many students giving it their best in the different track and field events, the fountain lakes fitness festival participation area and out enjoying the day.


The Fashions on the Field and House Cheers were well supported by all house members.

A big thank you to the SHC staff, maintenance, administration officers, and IT staff who make this such a wonderful day!

To view a photo gallery of images taken on the day, please click here.


House Fashions on the Field
Grace Malley & Catherine Barbonio – GI Joe
Emily Soppitt – Thomas the Tank Engine
Piper Dossor, Anna Taylor, Lana McLachlan - Titanic
Alexandra Adams – The Book of Life
Madeline Anglin – Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress
Lola Thomas – Billy Porter
Isla Morrison - Princess
Stella Iacono – Magic Mirror on the Wall

House Cheers


50 points
40 points
30 points
20 points

Congratulations to the Captains who organised the Cheers at the Carnival. What an amazing effort.

Fountain Lakes Fitness Festival
42 points
27 points
23 points
22 points

Participation Points

60m – Clairvaux 70, Loyola 90, Siena 87, Padua 149

College Classic: Top 10 quickest 100m times


Indi Elliott





Tiana Boras





Bianca Sesar





Evie Bayes





Victoria Paape-Silva





Erin Foley





Karla Boras





Alysha Collins




New Records

Year 11

Time/Distance/ Height


Tiana Boras



Tiana Boras


Year Level Champions
Year Level
Year 7
Karla Boras (SI) 32
Georgia Hannagan (CL) 22
Evie Cosic (CL) 18
Year 8
Sarah Conroy (SI) 28
Mia Aitken (LO) 22
Remi Moore (SI) 18
Year 9
Erin Foley (PA) 26
Victoria Paape-Silva (PA) 22
Beatrix Hearn (CL) 18
Year 10
Chantel Glogolja (CL) 32
Hannah Brady (CL) 24
Janai Swiderski (LO) 18
Year 11
Tiana Boras (SI) 32
Mia Higgins (SI) 24
Aliana Lewis (LO) 22
Year 12
Meg Davey (PA) & Bianca Sesar (SI) 20

Isabel Walpole (CL), Grace Di Mauro (CL) & Charlotte Simpson (PA) 18

Overall House Points Totals

Novelties Results
Year Level
Year 7
1st - CL, 2nd - LO, 3rd - PA, 4th - SI
Year 8
1st - LO, 2nd - SI, 3rd - PA 4th - CL
Year 9
1st - CL, 2nd - PA, 3rd - SI, 4th - LO
Year 10
1st - CL, 2nd - LO, 3rd - SI, 4th - PA
Year 11
1st - SI, 2nd - LO, 3rd - CL, 4th - PA
Year 12
1st - PA, 2nd - LO , 3rd - SI , 4th - CL

Class Relay Winners
House / Year Level
Mentor Group
Year 7


Yr 8/9 CL
Yr 8/9 LO
Yr 8/9 PA
Yr 8/9 SI
Yr 10-12 CL
Yr 10-12 LO
Yr 10-12 PA
Yr 10-12 SI

Bianca Cheever, Director of Sport

Yingalay's Easter Liturgy Song

Our auditioned choir - Yingalay - put together a video for the Easter liturgy. It was a song composed by a very talented student at Sacred Heart, who wishes to remain anonymous. They recorded an audio of the song and then a video of them performing it, which was then shown to the school.

The song is called Our Love is Like the God. The song is about when you are confused or need help that God is always near. He always shines his light for us to see.

Yingalay Easter Song

2022 Enrolments Now Open

Year 7 Enrolments

Online applications for Year 7 2022 are now open.

Sacred Heart College receives applications for Year 7 enrolments when the student is in Year 6.

Please complete the online application by visiting SHC Online Enrolments. Applications for Year 7 2022 close on Friday 7th of May 2021.

Letters of offer will be emailed on 18th of June 2021, with the closing date for $300 (non-refundable) Acceptance of Enrolment payment due in July.

If you have any enrolment queries please contact Ebony Courtney, College Admissions Officer, on 5222 0490 or by email on registrar@shcgeelong.catholic.edu.au

Years 8 to 12 Enrolments

We are also accepting applications for all other year levels. Please complete the online application by visiting SHC Online Enrolments.

If you have any enrolment queries please contact Ebony Courtney, College Admissions Officer, on 5222 0490 or by email on registrar@shcgeelong.catholic.edu.au

For more information, please visit our Enrolment page - Enrolments Overview

Golf Scholarships for SHC Students

Lily Walters 7CT and Kylie Frid CLTRM were each awarded the Curlewis Junior Girls Golf Scholarship, which will assist them in their favoured sport. Lily explains what the scholarship entails, and what it means to her below. Congratulations Lily and Kylie!

Lily Walters and Kylie Frid were awarded the Curlewis Junior Girls Golf Scholarship by the Australian Golf Foundation, along with 6 girls from other schools around the Geelong area including Kardinia International. This program is to encourage girls to have a go at golf and improve their skills while making new and long lasting friendships.

The Australian Golf Foundation originally sponsored 5 girls but Curlewis Golf Club decided to participate in fundraisers to help sponsor another 3 girls creating 8 scholarships. Curlewis Golf Club did this so that we would be able to make more friends and eventually have the very first junior girls pennant team in Australia.

So far this opportunity has been amazing and we have learned so much. In the near future when we have improved our skills the women from Curlewis Golf Club would like to take us around the golf course and help us with the 18 hole golf course.

Lily Walters 7CT

Kylie Frid
Lily Waters

2020 Ambassador Program

Through Systems Engineering teacher Kaitlin Jobson, my daughter Emily Bagge and fellow student Lucy Robertson have been heavily involved in the 2020 Ambassador Program at the Geelong Tech School.

On Tuesday 23 March the Geelong Tech School held an award ceremony which included the presentation of certificates to the 25 Ambassadors from 12 local high schools that displayed wonderful engagement in their participation in the Tech Schools online offerings in 2020. Particularly impressive was their resilience despite the unique circumstances of last year and the inability for them to access onsite Ambassador program offerings.

During the evening the students were able to present their experiences to an audience as well as demonstrate to guests the various equipment around the Tech School. Specifically, they also acknowledged the exemplary commitment from four students, Kiara Cruz, Matilda Messer, Lucy Robertson (SHC), and Emily Bagge (SHC) for their display of leadership, participating in every single offering as part of the Ambassador Program 2020.

See here for more information: https://www.geelongtechschool.vic.edu.au/2020-ambassadors-presentation/

Jon Bagge, Print Room Manager

Students Shoot for the Stars

Congratulations to Sarah Joordens CLYM and Paige Firth SIHC who placed 1st and 2nd in their age division where over 100 students from all over Victoria competed in the North West Zone School Shoot - Bar-Rook Field & Game event.

This is the first time SHC have competed in the competition, and both girls did exceptionally well across the day. Well done Sarah and Paige!

Bianca Cheever, Director of Sport

Sarah Joordens
Paige Firth

Year 7 Haiku Poetry

Recently in Year 7 English, we have been studying various styles of poetry.

Here’s a couple of ‘Haiku' poems that 7CT and 7FBO created. We followed the traditional approach writing about nature, but also experimented with a few other topics/themes too.

Carl Tracey, Teaching Staff


tall teens all around

determined to find knowledge

my new friends are nice

- Sophia Carroll


laying in the grass

now playing with a netball

hot choco moustache

- Sophia Carroll


They are red and black

See the Bombers fly up, up

They are the best team

- Amelia Courtney

Snowy peaks glisten

Radiant amber branches

What a serene view

- Ella Gunnell


Bright blue summer sky

There’s not a wave in sight

What a pleasant day

- Chiara Hooley


So many shows to watch

On TV, phone or laptop

Netflix is my life

- Chiara Hooley

Autumn leaves falling

They are beautiful to see

Winter is calling

- Rose Kelly


Bright blue winter sky

Birds chirping all around me

Trees swaying nearby

- Allegra Scopacasa


Old bluestone buildings

The Mercy Sister’s legacy everywhere

Sacred Heart College.

- Kiara Sherman


Scrubbing and mopping,

Packing things away,

Cleaning is so fun.

- Leni Wadling

Sacred Heart College

Awesome opportunities

It’s my special place.

- Lily Walters


Trees arching over,

Tropical leaves gushing down,

White sand all around.

- Phoebe Adams


Red dust to white sand,

Pretty beaches surrounding,

Aussie is the life.

- Phoebe Adams


Great education,

Students crowded everywhere,

Whole different vibe.

- Phoebe Adams


MacBooks are open,

Bored looks on every face,

Can’t wait to go home.

- Molly Cain


Barefoot on the grass

Reading under the willows

It’s how I escape

- Zara Goodwin

Summer wind drifting

Green nature wild at the beach

Clear calming water.

- April Healy


Forward, mid and wing

36 players on grass

4 posts at each end.

- Jayde Morrisy

Dark clouds gather

Illuminating the sky

Forcing a harsh fight

- Lola Thomas

2021 SCSA Swimming & Diving

On Thursday the 25th of March, 58 girls took part in the SCSA Division 1 Swimming and Diving competition held at MSAC. All the girls plus 7 staff headed up to the event after school. Everyone was excited and ready to go when we arrived. It was a fantastic night for the SHC team as they all competed as best as they could and as a team, cheering each other on from the stands.

Sacred Heart had a very successful night with the overall results showing great individual and team spirit. Overall the SHC Swimming girls finished first in the Junior, Intermediate and overall and 2nd in the Intermediate division.

The SHC Divers also had a successful night. The junior came 5th, Intermediates 2nd and Seniors 3rd which resulted in 2nd overall.

Because of the all the girls great effort on the night, SHC had the most points on the night overall for both swimming and diving, winning to Kilbreda College.

A big congratulations to all girls who participated on the night, it was great to see great team spirit and determination from all.

A huge thank you to Miss. Abbey Turner for organising the swim team, Mrs Marcelle Korth and George Niewman for organising, supporting and supervising the diving team. To the Year 12 students who have contributed to the swimming team over the last 6 years, thank you. Thank you to Miss Kelsey Marshman, Scarlett Hocking and Sarah Rivalland for their assistance on the night. Overall it was a fantastic night.

SHC Diving Results:

Juniors: 5th

Intermediates: 2nd

Seniors: 3rd

Overall: 2nd

Swimming Results:


1st – SHCG 269

2nd – Kilbreda 228

3rd – Mt. St. Joseph’s 223


1st – SHCG 280

2nd – Star 238.50

3rd – Kilbreda 219


1st – Kilbreda 189

2nd – SHCG 178

3rd – Mt. St. Joseph’s 166


1st – SHCG 727

2nd – Kilbreda 636

3rd – Star 550.50

Bianca Cheever, Director of Sport

PA40+ This Girl Can Week!

March 22 - 28 was VicHealth’s This Girl Can Week - a week for all kinds of Victorian women, who are all kinds of active. The week encourages everyone to try something new and discover how good being active will make you feel!

To show our support and encourage students to move every day, our PA40+ Community Classes were jam packed with giveaways and prizes - it was amazing to see so many regular and new faces giving each session a red hot go and having lots of fun at the same time! From Pilates to Body Blast, Cardio Tennis to Yoga, everyone embraced each type of activity with great enthusiasm.

Congratulations to the 90+ students who attended a class during This Girl Can Week. Make sure you check the Student Bulletin soon to see what new lunchtime PA40+ Community activities are scheduled for Term 2!


Meg Saxon, Sports and Wellness Centre Manager

The Growroom and Reflections on GDW @ SHC

The SHC Growroom

Year 9/10 iTinker class this term built a Growroom as an anchor installation for Geelong Design Weeks theme of ‘Unexpected’, that most of you know is down in the atrium.

The Growroom design focuses on empowering people to grow their own food much more locally in a sustainable way.

The experience was amazing to be a part of. At the start of this unit we broke into groups and specialised in areas of the Growroom to help brainstorm. We thought of ideas to do with our chosen topics of lighting, seating, plants and platform.

We brainstormed all the types of materials we were going to use as well and attended workshops on how to use the different tools in the makerspace. After about five weeks of planning and idea development, we then received the CNC cut materials, so we got to start the build.

After we finally knuckled down, we got straight into building our Growroom. We created it in sections and got it done quite quickly in around two weeks.

We had originally planned to include seating and were quite set on the idea but we had discovered once we actually started building that it would simply not work with our time frame.

After we completed the build, we were able to finish off the Growroom with the lighting and plants.

This project was a collaborative effort from all of the students, Ms Kavanagh and Dani. We worked together throughout the entire project and were able to accomplish the amazing Growroom.

Charli Arblaster, Kalarni Boddington and Tamykah Brown, 9-10 iTinker/wood

Reflections on Geelong Design Week Evening at SHC


I really enjoyed spending the night in the lab experimenting with vegan bio plastic. Even though it didn't turn out as we expected and grew lots of mould over the weekend. It was loads of fun and I would do it again anytime.

Coco Churton, 9-10 Design Innovation

The design week night was really helpful and great fun for our experimentation in Year 9-10 Design Innovation. We were able to test and try new things as we are still learning how to use bioplastics. Using the laser cutter and the vacuum former to make a butterfly design helped us connect different machines to our design ideas. Having insight from Dani helped us so much and really set us on a mission the design night where we can get lots of practical work done while showing visitors our design ideas.
Ellie, Ashlyn and Audrey, 9-10 Design Innovation

Mould Making:

Geelong Design Week was really fun! I loved teaching people (teachers, students and visitors) to use the vacuum former and laser cutter to create moulds. The two speakers were very inspiring and interesting. It was a great night and I can't wait for next year!

Ella Rutjens, 8 iTinker

2021 Entertainment Book

Click here to order your 2021 Entertainment Book

Girl Power!


We are

We are strong, we believe we can be who we want to be

We are chicks, we are unique. We are girls that believe.

We are girls that are strong, we are girls that belong

We are beautiful, we are unmovable.

We are funny, We are sunny

We are strong, we believe, we can be who we want to be

We are water on fire. We are the light in the night. But when the fight comes, we won’t be quiet. We won’t stay silent, you can't keep us quiet. We are tall. We are small. We have curly hair. We have beautiful eyes. And I swear dear, I am not kidding we are dreamers.

We can have a tear. We can be sensitive. We have fears. We can be positive. We can be naive.

We are strong, we believe we can be who we want to be

We wear a crown at all times. You might see it sometimes. We are tired. We have been used. But just know that in years we will grow. We breath the same air. We wear the same clothes. Why isn’t this still equal? But don’t worry we will glow.

We are strong, we believe we can be who we want to be.

We won’t stop until you hear our voice. We won’t disappear until you see our scars from fear. Don’t worry we are queens, we are princesses. We can be whoever we want to be. But most of all we are fighters. We are girls.

We are strong, we believe ,we can be who we want to be

We are just as good as boys and we are not toys.

We are strong, not weak. We are unique, we will speak.

I am me, why is that not enough, don’t judge because I won’t give up.

I can do it do you need me to prove it

We are strong, we believe we can be who we want to be

We can see. We can feel. We can hear. We are people too, just like you! If you think you can stop us then you are wrong, because we are strong.

We are not speechless, we are not less.

We make mistakes too, don’t tell us that we are not good enough because we know that you are wrong. Mistakes were made along the equality fight but we eventually got our women rights.

We are girls!

Mathilda Garrido Lucay, Olivia-Jean Jones, Isabella Donovan and Indiah Monahan, 7DBO

My Special Place

As our team splits up onto the field and take our positions, I put my mouthguard in and it surrounds my teeth. I can taste the rubbery flavour on my tongue and my teeth are now the bright orange of an apricot. I take my place and wait for the game to begin. I’m at my special place now, the footy field.

I can see the umpire approaching the centre of the field with the bright yellow ball. My teammates are all in position and they all have an opponent to guard. The fresh air is cold on my legs and I hug myself for warmth. I can hear our coach yelling across the field about where to go and I stand next to a girl who is on the other team. The wind blows my hair into my face and I brush it behind my ear out of the way. I’m prepared for if the ball comes my way and I stand in front of my opponent so she can’t get the ball. The umpire is at the centre of the field and he bounces the ball on the ground to begin the match.

The morning air is whipping my legs and face and it sends shivers down my spine. As I run towards the ball and teammates my body starts to ignore the freezing cold wind as I am now stuck in the game, too focused to care. As I tackle one of the girls, my legs are now on the ground and I can feel the crusty dirt sticking to my skin. A mob forms around the ball and the whistle blows, signalling to stop the fight for the ball and stand up. I’m ready for the ball up. I jump as high as I can and smack the ball towards my teammates. My hand begins to sting since it is so cold out here and my hand becomes a pinkish red. I continue the game and follow my teammates towards the goal posts.

I can now see more of my team in front of me and the towering goal posts standing at the end of the oval. A girl with the ball charges towards me and I get the feeling of aggressiveness grow inside of me. I roughly grab her waist and pull her to the ground with me and I can smell the dewy grass beneath me as she is trying to wriggle off of me. I pull the ball out of her arms and quickly hand ball it towards one of my teammates just as I hit the ground with the girl again. My hand has that stinging feeling again and I get back up, dirt all over my face. I run towards the other side of the oval, my teams end and see a girl on my team pass the ball to another girl and see her kick her kick the footy through the goal posts just before she gets slammed by someone onto the ground. I can hear parents yelling in celebration and car horns being honked by parents too afraid to come out into the cold. Our team congratulates our goal scorer and we go back to our start positions on the field, continuing the game and trying to get more scores on the board to win.

I leave my special place and now the smell of sausages enters my nose. I can see sausages cooking on top of a BBQ and getting laid onto a fresh piece of bread and getting covered in sauce. I get closer and the smell is stronger now. A piece of bread is placed in my hand with a warm sausage covered in dark red sauce and bright yellow mustard. I say, “Thank you”, and head to the car with my family with the delicious barbequed sausage melting in my mouth. We head home and dirt is sticking all over me. I feel relieved that we managed to win the game and tired from all the running. I can’t taste the rubbery flavour of my mouthguard anymore as it is now within its case and I can’t wait to have a nice warm shower to melt off the icy feeling that’s on my skin. I’m ready to relax and not return to my special place again until next week.

An Italian Easter Tradition

All the Year 7s Italian students were part of I sepolcri di grano, an Easter tradition still alive in some Italian regions. We’d like to share with you all what the students did.

  • It is within the Christian tradition to prepare and offer i Sepolcri di grano in the church on Holy Thursday.

  • Wheat seeds are put on wet cotton balls and kept in the dark since Ash Wednesday, or the first Friday during the Lent; the dark represents Jesus’ death. However, while in the dark, the wheat seeds germinate representing new life, the Resurrection.

  • Also, the wheat is used to make the Holy Host, the Eucharist.

  • Due to the fact in Australia Lent starts in summer, students started the project two weeks before Holy Thursday.

  • After two weeks, on Wednesday, we brought the plates decorated with the Houses’ colours in our beautiful chapel.

Save the Date for Zena Sport!

We’re very excited to welcome the team from Zena Sport and former student and current Carlton AFLW player, Lucy McEvoy to Sacred Heart on Monday 19 April.

All students are invited to attend an interactive information session at lunchtime on Day 1 of Term 2, Monday 19 April. You’ll learn all about Zena, the most advanced female impact protection vest for contact sports, suitable for all ages!

Submit a question about Zena or for special guest Lucy McEvoy via this link to go into the draw to win your very own Zena garment - winner announced on the day! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Meg Saxon, Sports and Wellness Centre Manager

News from the Music Department

The Performing Arts precinct at Sacred Heart College has continued to be a hive of activity every week this term. Several performances have been held both inside and outside the classroom.

As year 7 students completed their very first term of learning an orchestral instrument they were able to perform for their peers. Despite some nerves at performing for an audience for the first time, they played with musicality and confidence.

Staff and students alike were treated to a wonderful Lunchtime Concert on Friday March 26 , featuring some of our outstanding singers and musicians. A big thank you to all the great performers as well as the teachers and students who were part of a very encouraging audience.

VET Music second year students spent time running through their set which will form part of their first SAC for their VCE/VCAL.

Dance was very much on everyone's minds as students embarked on plans for their role in the Dance section of the Arts Festival scheduled for June. This is an event which captivates the imagination and energy of many dancers , culminating in many performances of impressive creativity and technique.

As Term 2 approaches , there will again be a buzz of excitement around the Arts area as the SHC production of 'Diamonds' swings into action . Music ensembles will add the final touches to their musical choices for the Winter Concert on June 2nd, while students will be collaborating enthusiastically on their contributions to many projects and performances for the Arts Festival at the end of the term.

Christine Wilson, Arts Program Coordinator

The Great Debate

This term, as Clairvaux, Siena, Loyola and Padua raised money for our Project Compassion Mercy Works, Sacred Heart College held its inaugural ‘Great Debate'. Modelled on the Great Debate fundraiser as part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival, the debaters were encouraged to use their personal experiences, jabs at their opposition and humour, as well as sound and convincing argumentation. This gave the college and our debaters a chance to see a debate which was a little unconventional, but put on in the interest of fundraising and relationship building in our houses.

Falling just after the Athletics and Swimming Carnivals, the opportunity for houses to debate against each other added to the building rivalries between them. In a similar way to these sporting events, students were able to see their leaders and skilled peers in action, alongside their teachers.

The topic for the debate was: ’That Generation Z will be a problem generation’. Each debate team was supported by their house, who worked within mentor groups to brainstorm and develop arguments for their speakers. This meant that our speakers were the 'megaphones' of their whole house and advocated for what their peers believed about the question at hand.

The event was a success thanks to the participants who were brave, clever and, at times, vicious enough to debate and be debated against in front of the school, especially if it was not their speciality area.

Thank you to Mrs Honey, Mrs Gordon, Mr Petkovic and Mrs Dunstan, Freya Plapp, Millie Watson, Elise Collard, Lainey Karlich, Ella Stanford, Lacey O’Brien, Grace Hamilton and Priscilla Cooper who took part in planning and speaking on the day. Thank you to our adjudicators: Ms Gordon and Mrs Symons, our year 8 helpers, our year 8 and 9 audience and Nam, Ms Connell and Mrs Vassallo in preparing for the event.

Marie-Laure Deramond, Public Speaking and Debating Coordinator

Year 9/10 Biology Experiment

Students in Ms. Holland's Year 9/10 Biology class this week undertook a self-designed experiment investigating different factors that affect the activity of an enzyme. They explored the action of the enzyme pectinase, on the breakdown of apple puree, and how the rate of this reaction can be affected by changes in the amount of enzyme, the amount of puree and changes in temperature.

2021 Maths Olympiad

Further developing problem solving concepts and strategies, the Australasian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiads (APSMO) provides an opportunity for high-achieving maths students to take up the challenge and pit their skills against other teams from across Australia and New Zealand. Year 7 and Year 8 students at SHC are invited to participate in five olympiads across the year that encourage them to think outside the box and apply their maths skills in new situations.

For the 2021 season we have over 40 students from across Year 7 and Year 8 who have nominated themselves to participate in the olympiads, which is a fantastic turnout and the highest we've ever had! We're so proud of the next generation of mathematicians and cannot wait to see what they accomplish this year.

Me and my friends have had an amazing time participating in the Maths Olympiad so far this year. It’s been a great experience and I can’t wait to continue with it next term!
Molly Pleasance, Year 8

Kaitlin Jobson, Digital Technology, Mathematics, Physics and Systems Engineering Staff

Toni Jordan Visits SHC

On Friday 26 March the Year 12 English students were lucky enough to have Toni Jordan come and speak to them about her novel Nine Days. This is the text they are currently studying and will be using to complete their Creative Writing Assessment Task on.

She was an absolute delight and offered insight and expertise. The students were even able to have their own copies signed at the end of the presentation.

Laura Gordon, Literature and Language Design Coordinator Yr 7-12

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