An Italian Easter Tradition

All the Year 7s Italian students were part of I sepolcri di grano, an Easter tradition still alive in some Italian regions. We’d like to share with you all what the students did.

  • It is within the Christian tradition to prepare and offer i Sepolcri di grano in the church on Holy Thursday.

  • Wheat seeds are put on wet cotton balls and kept in the dark since Ash Wednesday, or the first Friday during the Lent; the dark represents Jesus’ death. However, while in the dark, the wheat seeds germinate representing new life, the Resurrection.

  • Also, the wheat is used to make the Holy Host, the Eucharist.

  • Due to the fact in Australia Lent starts in summer, students started the project two weeks before Holy Thursday.

  • After two weeks, on Wednesday, we brought the plates decorated with the Houses’ colours in our beautiful chapel.

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