The Great Debate

This term, as Clairvaux, Siena, Loyola and Padua raised money for our Project Compassion Mercy Works, Sacred Heart College held its inaugural ‘Great Debate'. Modelled on the Great Debate fundraiser as part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival, the debaters were encouraged to use their personal experiences, jabs at their opposition and humour, as well as sound and convincing argumentation. This gave the college and our debaters a chance to see a debate which was a little unconventional, but put on in the interest of fundraising and relationship building in our houses.

Falling just after the Athletics and Swimming Carnivals, the opportunity for houses to debate against each other added to the building rivalries between them. In a similar way to these sporting events, students were able to see their leaders and skilled peers in action, alongside their teachers.

The topic for the debate was: ’That Generation Z will be a problem generation’. Each debate team was supported by their house, who worked within mentor groups to brainstorm and develop arguments for their speakers. This meant that our speakers were the 'megaphones' of their whole house and advocated for what their peers believed about the question at hand.

The event was a success thanks to the participants who were brave, clever and, at times, vicious enough to debate and be debated against in front of the school, especially if it was not their speciality area.

Thank you to Mrs Honey, Mrs Gordon, Mr Petkovic and Mrs Dunstan, Freya Plapp, Millie Watson, Elise Collard, Lainey Karlich, Ella Stanford, Lacey O’Brien, Grace Hamilton and Priscilla Cooper who took part in planning and speaking on the day. Thank you to our adjudicators: Ms Gordon and Mrs Symons, our year 8 helpers, our year 8 and 9 audience and Nam, Ms Connell and Mrs Vassallo in preparing for the event.

Marie-Laure Deramond, Public Speaking and Debating Coordinator

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