The Growroom and Reflections on GDW @ SHC

The SHC Growroom

Year 9/10 iTinker class this term built a Growroom as an anchor installation for Geelong Design Weeks theme of ‘Unexpected’, that most of you know is down in the atrium.

The Growroom design focuses on empowering people to grow their own food much more locally in a sustainable way.

The experience was amazing to be a part of. At the start of this unit we broke into groups and specialised in areas of the Growroom to help brainstorm. We thought of ideas to do with our chosen topics of lighting, seating, plants and platform.

We brainstormed all the types of materials we were going to use as well and attended workshops on how to use the different tools in the makerspace. After about five weeks of planning and idea development, we then received the CNC cut materials, so we got to start the build.

After we finally knuckled down, we got straight into building our Growroom. We created it in sections and got it done quite quickly in around two weeks.

We had originally planned to include seating and were quite set on the idea but we had discovered once we actually started building that it would simply not work with our time frame.

After we completed the build, we were able to finish off the Growroom with the lighting and plants.

This project was a collaborative effort from all of the students, Ms Kavanagh and Dani. We worked together throughout the entire project and were able to accomplish the amazing Growroom.

Charli Arblaster, Kalarni Boddington and Tamykah Brown, 9-10 iTinker/wood

Reflections on Geelong Design Week Evening at SHC


I really enjoyed spending the night in the lab experimenting with vegan bio plastic. Even though it didn't turn out as we expected and grew lots of mould over the weekend. It was loads of fun and I would do it again anytime.

Coco Churton, 9-10 Design Innovation

The design week night was really helpful and great fun for our experimentation in Year 9-10 Design Innovation. We were able to test and try new things as we are still learning how to use bioplastics. Using the laser cutter and the vacuum former to make a butterfly design helped us connect different machines to our design ideas. Having insight from Dani helped us so much and really set us on a mission the design night where we can get lots of practical work done while showing visitors our design ideas.
Ellie, Ashlyn and Audrey, 9-10 Design Innovation

Mould Making:

Geelong Design Week was really fun! I loved teaching people (teachers, students and visitors) to use the vacuum former and laser cutter to create moulds. The two speakers were very inspiring and interesting. It was a great night and I can't wait for next year!

Ella Rutjens, 8 iTinker

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