Legacy's 90th Commemoration at the Shrine

This year, Melbourne Legacy’s 90th ANZAC Commemoration Ceremony for students was held on April 6. The day allows Primary and Secondary school students an additional opportunity to reflect upon the sacrifice of those who have served Australia, particularly during WWI and WWII.

Eight Sacred Heart students and I, were able to take part in this ceremony. Throughout the day we were able to lay a wreath in commemoration as well as tour the Shrine. The day was an exceptional opportunity to connect with other year levels and for our past and current Shrine Young Ambassadors (Eleanor Naylor, Erin Nisbet, Sophia Castello and myself) to pass on and share our knowledge of the Shrine.

It was amazing to see those in the Junior year levels so eager to discover more about those who have served and their stories.

Thank you to Mr Tracey for organising this annual trip to Melbourne once again and for continuing to nurture students' interest in Australia’s war history and the Spirit of Anzac.

Kaitlyn Bird 12CLEP

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