2022 Maguire Celebration

2022 Maguire Celebration: College Captains' Address


Thank you all for joining us tonight for the 2022 Maguire Celebration. It’s taken a couple of tries to get here, but we are so grateful that tonight we are here gathering as a whole school community, together, for the first time this year. We hope to make 2022 a year of healing, connection, love and respect.

Over the past couple of years, we are no strangers to the challenges life can throw at us. Grace, Stella and I want to take this year as an opportunity to grow with all of you as we return into a ‘Covid Normal’ state. To make 2022 our year, we need to celebrate with one another, love one another and support one another.


So it is with great pleasure that we announce our 2022 Sacred Heart College theme, “Embrace, Encourage, Empower.”

For us, the 3 Es represent growth and strength as a community to be the best versions of ourselves. It is reflective of the Catherine McAuley quote, “Our charity is to be cordial. Now cordial signifies something that renews, invigorates and warms. Such should be the effect of our love for each other”. And the Scripture passage Proverbs 3:18: "They are a tree of life to those who embrace them, and those who hold on to them are happy.” This year, we invite you to ‘do the 3 E’s’.


We challenge you to embrace change and the hurdles life has in store for you. We encourage you to reach out if you need a little extra love and support and to believe in yourself. We want to empower you to make a difference and stand up for what you believe in. This is your year to start writing the next chapter of growth, strength and love.

Be the friend with the big heart; who appreciates everyone for who they are... the one who gives without expecting anything in return... and the one who is understanding, and who listens to others.

Hold out your arms, embrace each other.

Cheer on your peers, encourage each other.

Lend a hand, empower each other.

We are so excited for 2022 and we look forward to seeing how each and every one of you embraces, encourages and empowers. Thank you.

2022 Maguire Celebration – Principal’s Address

Good evening and how wonderful it is to be able to come together to celebrate as a College Community (even if we’re not a GMHBA stadium).

As much as COVID -19 has taught us many new lessons it robbed us of what is at the heart of humanity – the ability to gather, to spend time together and to build relationships. We have reclaimed this tonight, and I extend an invitation to you, alumni and your extended family to again come together as the Sacred Heart College community, in a belated celebration of our 160th Anniversary where the focus will be on faith, family, food, and fun on Sunday 15 May, commencing with Mass at 10.30am on this oval followed by carnival wild rides, food vans, a market, music and more. Information will be provided, over the next few weeks, via my Principal’s Update to Families this Friday.

Congratulations to our College Captains Stella, Zara and Grace. The 3 ‘Es’ Embrace, Encourage, Empower capture what is needed now in what I hope is a post COVID time. Well done!

I also extend my congratulations

  • To our 2022 student leaders and staff presenters
  • To all our award and scholarship recipients and to the students who shared their talents through the performances we enjoyed tonight.

Please join with me as I thank the Maguire Celebration Planning Team: Directors: Margaret Wills and Stacey Carmichael, Laura Dillon, Catherine Middlemiss, Julie Tucker, Alan Riggs, Megan Den Dryver, Elizabeth Coutts, and Nam Huynh.

I appreciate that you are keen to get home to watch yet another celebration – that of the life of sporting hero and larrikin Shane Warne - so I will keep my remarks brief.

At home, on my coffee table sits a book titled - ‘Because She Can’. It captures responses from 30 diverse and amazing women who have contributed to Melbourne and the world to one question, - ‘If you could do anything, what would it be? The stories of these women take you on an emotional journey ranging from delight to heartbreak, yet always inspiring. Each woman is connected by a common thread, believing in a cause with a deep-rooted passion that leads them to create positive change. Each of the women turn uncertainty into courage.

I have no doubt that had these interviews taken place in Catherine McAuley, the foundress of the Sisters of Mercy and Mother Xavier Maguire’s time their stories would have been included because both women took their passion to empower women and with courage, agility and adaptability they created what we have today.

Girls, you are the next generation of this Mercy Story and in years to come I want to have your stories sitting in a book on my coffee table in my home.

In line with our 2022 College theme, the 3 Es - Embrace, Encourage, Empower, I ask you - ‘If you could do anything, what would it be?’

Now, take a quick look around you. – Whatever your goal, this is the community that will support you in your quest to turn uncertainty into courage and become because that becoming begins here and now within the safety of home and school. Thank you.

Please see below a selection of images from the evening. To view more images, students can do so by clicking on Imagebank (under 'Media') on the Student Portal.

2022 Winter Concert

Our very talented musicians performed admirably at the recent Winter Concert, which was held Tuesday 31 May.

Please enjoy the video below, which showcases the musical talents of our students.

Parent Communication Afternoon

Please be advised the next Parent Communication Afternoon will be held on Tuesday 19 July, from 3.45pm to 5.00pm, with a focus on My Learning Journey. These evenings are available for parents who wish to discuss immediate or urgent matters with their daughter’s teacher.

Teaching staff will be available between 3.45pm to 5.00pm. Bookings can be made via the Parent Portal, and will open Thursday 14 July at 3.00pm, and close Monday 18 July at 3.00pm.

SHC Cross Country

This year saw our students run the picturesque cross-country track around our school grounds on Wednesday 25 May. All Year 7-10 levels took part, whilst Years 11-12 students volunteered to do so.

The day presented beautifully sunny conditions which made for a true cross-country event. Thank you to all staff and assistants who helped and supported across the day.

Those who finished in the top 10 in Year 7-12 received 1 individual house point. Our spot prize draw for many prizes after medal presentations for each year level enabled students who crossed the line in the first 100 to be eligible for a prize. Hopefully this added to the fun and physical activity for all competitors.

Congratulations to all who completed the 3km course either running or walking.

Top 10 for each Year level were as follows:

Year 7

Year 8

1. Mac Allen

2. Bella Leahy

3. Emmy Smith

4. Tilly McBain

5. Violet Duncan

6. April Boyd

7. Lilly Humphrey

8. Lucy Potter

9. Lucia Stephens

10. Ally Croft

1. Isla Bradshaw

2. Isobel Rose

3. Minka Pestkowski

4. Sophie Jordan

5. Goergia Maier

6. Evie Albones

7. Evie Grgic

8. Elleischa Sizer

9. Alice Christian

10. Alexis Hoskin

Year 9

Year 10

1. Juliette Downes

2. Jamie Flanagan

3. Emily Soppitt

4. Isobel Wrochna

5. Maggie Clatworthy

6. Zoe Morrison

7. Charlotte Iles

8. Zoe Naughtin

9. Leni O’Meara

10. Neve Van Der Sant

1. Jasmin Bajada

2. Emma Ward

3. Greta Jones

4. Olive Butcher

5. Sienna Carlini

6. Laynie Young

7. Kate Korolis

8. Asher Bayles

9. Ava Wilson

10. Sophia Gallos

Year 11

Year 12

1. Hannah Brady

2. Hayley Hunt

3. Sophie Adams

4. Stephanie Giess

5. Bianca Pollard

6. Caroline Berg

7. Eleanor Naylor

8. Jessica Hamilton

1. Emer Oxspring

2. Lily Gallagher

3. Lillian O’Brien

4. Lana McLachlan

5. Eliza Ahearn

6. Kaitlyn Bird

7. Greta De-Bie

                Overall HOUSE Point Totals:
1stSiena 5867
2ndPadua 5769
3rdLoyola 5130
4thClairvaux 4755

Bianca Cheever, Sports Coordinator

My Safe Haven by Ava Howie 7H

My Safe Haven

With my cat cuddling close to me, I grab my book and settle in for another really good chapter. I pull my fluffy, soft and warm blanket around me. It’s a beautiful dark blue. Fluff mania on one side and especially snuggable on the other. I’m on my bed with one of my cats and a really good book with the sun setting, birds chirping and my tummy full of jam biscuits and hot chocolate. This is my special place.

I’m reading another fantasy book with fairies and elves and all kinds of magical things. I love it when I am transported away to another magical place where I converse with the characters and love the sensation of knowing things the characters don’t and waiting for them to figure it out. I comment on things I think personally as well. The characters are like my friends and enemies. I always enjoy a good book because I love turning to the next page and feeling the suspense and excitement. The thrill of reading never ceases to keep me at the tip of my toes, waiting until I can flip to the next page. It’s truly an amazing experience

My kitten, Sunrise, is one year old and at Easter we will have had her for a year. My other cat Funky is 16 years old and is a ginormous fluffball. My dad found an abandoned kitten in a bush outside of his work and brought it home. He took her to the vet and they gave her treatments to make her better. It turns out her birthday landed exactly on Christmas Day. We took her home and soon she was a really special part of the family. On the morning we got Sunrise we went for a walk along the beach and watched the most beautiful sunrise ever. I think it was fate that we got the most beautiful kitten called Sunrise later that day.

With books, I feel important and accepted as I feel like I know the characters on a more personal level. I once had really bad neighbours and I was scared to go out the front and face them, so I'd read my books instead and that was like a safe haven for me. It was a place where no one judged or asked rude questions. I could just be me. I felt welcomed for being myself.

Year 7 Haiku Poems

In Year Seven English, we have recently been studying and creating various style of poetry.

Haiku poems are a Japanese form of verse consisting of three unrhymed lines of five, seven and five syllables. Haiku were originally designed for young school children and to capture a moment in nature. They are usually written in the present tense.

Here’s some examples of what the students created on both the traditional theme of nature and topics of their own choice

Carl Tracey 7H and 7I English teacher

Nature is within

Heart beating underneath us

Breathing in and out



Radiant front cover

Pages flipped, stories are read

Sadness as book ends



Pretty autumn leaves

Slowly falling to the ground

Cool breeze passing by



Brushes full of paint

Music blasting in my ears

Splatters of colour



Running, defending

Throwing, yelling and bleeding

That’s my Friday night



Soccer is my life

It helps me through stressful times

I'm grateful for it!



The roar of the crowd

Premierships everywhere

My face filled with joy


My yia-yia’s fig tree Haiku poem:

The scrumptious ripe figs

Yia-yia's coming over here

Hide she might see us


Nature Haiku Poem:

Damp, wet, cold, muggy

I listen to the trees sway

I could watch all day



The sky is bright blue

The leaves on the trees fall down

The grass is light green



The crowd is untamed

Messi scores the winning goal

PSG has won!



Netball is awesome

The shoes squeaking up and down

Running through the court



Swimming is awesome

breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle, fly

the smooth blue water.


The beautiful breeze

The birds are chirping loudly

The sun rays are bright



Chalk is everywhere

Gymnasts flying through the air

Muscles are aching


Frosty mountain rocks

Beautiful Autumn trees surround

A magical scene


Cold mountain ranges

Yellow trees, powdered with snow

Freezing temperatures



Black and white keys play

The beautiful sound it makes

The joy it brings me



Boom, lightning strikes, boom.

bright white flash, loud thunder claps,

fear of what's to come


Clear ocean water

Palm tree swaying in the wind

Maldives’s golden sand


Golden sweet waffles,

Stacked high dripping with butter

Hitting my tastebuds



I can’t stop talking!

There is no resolution.

It’s impossible!



Orange, yellow, green

Long grass underneath me

My favourite, leaves!


Subject Of My Choice- Netball:

Netball is so fun

Chest pass, shoulder pass, bounce pass

Hopefully we win!


My poem

Don’t know what to write

Poems are just way too hard

Is this a poem?


Sacred Heart College

Started in 1860

Still standing today

Nature theme

Thunder can be heard

Forks of lightning everywhere

City up in flames



People wearing masks.

Sanitising everywhere.

Even more lockdowns.


2022 Respect Cup

In a wonderful advertisement for women’s football the Sacred Heart Senior team fought out an exciting drawn game in the annual Respect Cup challenge against Loreto in Ballarat.

This event was launched in 2021 to help celebrate International Women’s Day and to promote Respectful relationships in the school and wider community, AFL teams from St Joseph’s College Geelong, St Patrick’s College Ballarat, Sacred Heart College Geelong & Loreto College Ballarat players take to the ground.

In an exciting afternoon of football the Joeys boys went down by two points (St Pats 2.12.24 def Joeys 3.4.22) in the curtain raiser followed by the entertaining and hard fought draw between the two female teams (5.4.34 apiece).

Co-Captain Mia Van Dyke was awarded the medal as best player afield for Sacred Heart and was ably supported by Mekah Morrissy, Kate Martin, Sophie Mahar and Tamykah Brown.

The game was played in wonderful spirit, with great skills and athleticism.

Sacred Heart was represented by 31 students ranging from Year 9 to Year 12 (Yr12 - 8, Yr11 - 11, Yr10 - 9, Yr9 - 3).

We look forward to the encounter again next year with game back in Geelong - hopefully played in front of a partisan crowd full of Sacred Heart students and staff at Kardinia Park.

SACRED HEART COLLEGE 0.1, 3.1, 5.3, 5.4 (34)
LORETO 1.0, 2.0, 4.3, 5.4 (34)
GOALS - Mekah Morrissy 2, Mako Payne 2, Mia Van Dyke 1.
BEST PLAYERS - Mia Van Dyke, Mekah Morrissy, Kate Martin, Sophie Mahar, Tamykah Brown, Ella Rayson, Mako Payne, Johanna Sunderland, Leila Owens.

SELECTED TEAM - Lila Burns, Mako Payne, Tamykah Brown, Johanna Sunderland, Imogen Castle, Kate Martin, Sophie Maher, Eliza Thiele, Ella Rayson, Tess De Grandi, Leila Owens, Mia Tucker, Eve Davalga, Allegra Lloyd, Lila Richard, Heike Paape-Silva, Mia Van Dyke, Mekah Morrissy, Elara Dillon, Matilda Kidd, Isabelle Korth, Alyssa Bolger, Eve Cannon, Mary Rolfe, Mia Barnard, Georgia Delaney, Madison Dalziel, Hannah Glover, Tara Trethowan Sachi Henderson & Sienna Carlini.

STUDENT LEADERS - Grace Williamson & Lulu Higgins

STAFF - Bianca Cheever, Anthony Petkovic, Josh Todd, Marcelle Korth, Megan Den Dryver & Michelle Abbott

2022 Geelong Regional Combined Concert Band Day

On Thursday 2 June, the Sacred Heart Brass and Woodwind students were involved in the '2022 Geelong Regional Combined Concert Band Day' held at St Joseph's College. Other schools involved were St Joseph's, Covenant College, St Ignatius College, Kardinia International College, Belmont High School and Clonard College. The students were directed by guest conductor Amy Wert who led a workshop for the afternoon. In the evening, a concert was presented for parents where students performed the works. There were more than 150 lucky students who participated in this wonderful event.

SCSA Basketball

On Monday 9 May students travelled up the road to Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre to compete in the SCSA Basketball Tournament. All teams showed great skill, teamwork, encouragement and sportsmanship throughout the day.

The Junior A finished 2nd in a close Grand Final against Avila, only losing by 6pts. The Junior B team went undefeated for the day winning the Grand Final. Opal Butcher was presented with player of the match in the Grand Final. The Intermediates battled all day against tough competition finishing 6th. The Senior girls had tough competition as well, making it to the Semi-Finals to finish 4th.

It was a great effort by all students and they should be proud of themselves. Thank you to Miss Deb Bohan, Ms Kate Swift, Miss Abbey Badrock and Miss Tess Mahar for their great coaching on the day!

Juniors A: Madeleine Cotter, Georgia Hannagan, Zoe McCardel, Adele Mills, Georgia Wall, Milla Wall, Minka Pestkowski, Elleischa Sizer.

Juniors B: Ava Wallace, Amelia Courtney, Emma Redfern, Evie Albones, Zara Young, Olivia Iddles, Opal Butcher, Indiana McDonald.

Intermediates:  Millicent McCarthy, Caden McGillivray, Sasha Young, Olive Butcher, Taylah Richards, Emily Soppitt, Sammi Hood, Maggie Gleeson, Amy Edwards, Imogen Hardiman.

Seniors: Brianna Giles, Georgia McCardel, Grace Spehar, Janai Swiderski, Kaitlyn Johnstone, Aoife Stynes, Lailani Blaik.

Individual Sporting Achievements

Sarah Joordens (CLYM) Year 10

Congratulations to Sarah Joordens (Year 10 CL) on being selected int he U/15 Victorian Underwater Hockey team. They will compete against the other states in Gold Coast over the next school holidays. We wish Sarah all the best and her team.

Mia Aitken (LOBRC) Year 9

Congratulations to Mia for being selected in Team Vic 15 Years & under Netball Team to represent SSV at the School Sport Netball Championships from 24-29 July 2022 at Solarhub Netball Centre, Canberra, ACT. We wish Mia all the best.

We congratulate the following students on their performance representing Victoria at the Australian Athletics Championships, Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre, 26 March – 3 April, 2022.

Tiana Boras (SIATU) Year 12:

U/20 Triple Jump – GOLD 12.94m

World Junior Qualifier for Colombia later this year in July.

Karla Boras (SILVA) Year 8

U/15 Triple Jump – 6th 10.94m

Legacy's 90th Commemoration at the Shrine

This year, Melbourne Legacy’s 90th ANZAC Commemoration Ceremony for students was held on April 6. The day allows Primary and Secondary school students an additional opportunity to reflect upon the sacrifice of those who have served Australia, particularly during WWI and WWII.

Eight Sacred Heart students and I, were able to take part in this ceremony. Throughout the day we were able to lay a wreath in commemoration as well as tour the Shrine. The day was an exceptional opportunity to connect with other year levels and for our past and current Shrine Young Ambassadors (Eleanor Naylor, Erin Nisbet, Sophia Castello and myself) to pass on and share our knowledge of the Shrine.

It was amazing to see those in the Junior year levels so eager to discover more about those who have served and their stories.

Thank you to Mr Tracey for organising this annual trip to Melbourne once again and for continuing to nurture students' interest in Australia’s war history and the Spirit of Anzac.

Kaitlyn Bird 12CLEP

Library News

What a busy first term it was in the library! We loaned out over 1500 books, and hosted events such as 'Books I Love' - where one staff member and one student present about a book they have enjoyed. These sessions were well attended by staff and students.

On Friday 8 April we hosted 7 staff from the Geelong Grammar Library team. They came to look at our library space, collections and displays. It was a wonderful opportunity for collaboration, and we plan to keep in touch to share ideas and best practice into the future.

Thank you to our wonderful Student Library Assistants
Eva Leggett, Matilda Iles and Tiarnee McGrath have volunteered their services all of term 1 as Student Library Assistants. They come in every day to help out with reshelving, returns and loans, and book recommendations. 

It was such a busy term in the library and their support has been invaluable. The students have shared wonderful ideas and initiatives with the library staff, as well as insights into which books are popular and in high demand. 

Thank you girls, Mrs Carlin and Ms Hawskworth are very grateful for your assistance.

SCSA Futsal

Congratulations to the students who travelled to the Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre in Melbourne on Thursday 28 April to compete in the SCSA Futsal (Indoor Soccer) competition. 

The day started with all three teams playing in games in a round robin against other Catholic schools from around Victoria. The Juniors had very competitive games across the day, making it to the Semi-Finals to end up 3rd overall. The Intermediates were very strong across the day making it to the Grand Final against St. Aloysius. Unfortunately, in a close grand final the team lost 3-2. The Seniors had a strong pool across the day. They competed and tried their best, finishing 3rd.

Congratulations to all teams for their efforts and good sportsmanship throughout the day.

Juniors: Alice Boyko, Evie Grgic, Isla Hanna-Phillips, Isobel Rose, Lena Skoko, Evie Cosic, Maia Grgic, Katie McKeague, Georgie Petrovski, Grace Dawson.

Intermediates: Juliette Downes, Maja Jurkovic, Hannah Laro-Bashford, Chloe Leen, Millicent McCarthy, Chloe Leen, Sofia Simic, Kaya Trupkovic, Charmaine Turner, Serafina Zangari.

Seniors: Alysha Collins, Olivia Herceg, Vanessa Mazaraki, Alana Simsic, Julia Akmacic, Amanda Dzajkic, Chantel Glogolja, Maja Pehar, Ella Romaniuk, Grace Spehar, Mia Skratulja.

SHC Takes Out Surfing Title

At last! After trying for so many years, SHC Geelong has finally claimed victory in the Female Teams event of the Independent School Team Surfing Titles!

Congratulations to team members Lila Burns Year 10, Ivy Burns Year 8, Cedar Davie Year 8 and Darci Barker Year 8 who edged out Newhaven College (Phillip Island), Kardinia International College and Christian College Geelong in the final. The event was held under sunny skies and clean off shore conditions on Monday May 9.

It was a double celebration for team Captain Lila Burns as she also surfed with and helped St Jospeh’s College Geelong bring home the title in the Mixed Teams event for the second consecutive year.

Thank you to Surfing Victoria for all their work in planning and running the event, Ms Macy McKoy (SHC PE Trainee) and the parents who attended and supported the team on the day.

Great work team! I was very proud of your efforts.
Mr Tracey, Surfing Team Coach

Victorian All Schools Road Relay

Congratulations to Mac Allen, Emmy Smith, Bella Leahy, and Lily Robinson on competing in the Vic All Schools Road Relay at Prince Park on Saturday 14 May. 

Against tough competition from across Victoria the students completed a 2.2km relay race together. Overall they came 18th, which was a fantastic effort by them all.

Bianca Cheever, Sports Coordinator

SCSA Athletics

On Friday 20 May, 79 students travelled up to Lakeside Stadium in Melbourne to compete in the SCSA Athletics. It was a perfect day for some running, throwing and jumping. 

8 Catholic Girls schools competed in the Division 1 competition, and it was very competitive across the day in all the events. All our students gave a fantastic effort in their individual events and a big thank you all the students who stepped up to fill in the spots for different events. 

Our Juniors and Seniors finished 2nd overall, with Intermediates finishing 1st. Overall it was close with Loreto College, Ballarat - they ended up beating us by 55points. 

It as a great effort by everyone. A big thank you to the staff who helped out throughout the day – Mrs. Casee Graham, Miss Abbey Badrock, Mrs. Sonia Conroy, Miss Tess Mahar, and Miss Macy McKoy. 


Juniors – 2nd

Intermediates – 1st

Seniors – 2nd

Overall – 2nd


Juniors: Bella Leahy, Tilly McBain, April Boyd, Winnie Jones, Makeali Plunkett, Sasha Naughtin, Billi Mooney, Lily Franklin, Sophie Monaghan, Violet Duncan, Maisie Ryan, Imani Sagnol, Lucia Stephens, Amelia Bennett, Lily Gee, Coco Hayes, Karla Boras, Georgia Hannagan, Mia Rayson, Arabella Taylor, Georgia Wall, Holly Britt, Alexis Hoskin, Sophie Jordan, Amelia Shell, Sophie Klupacs, Chloe Reyntjes, Eleanor Walsh, Milla Jarman, Grace Vu, Imogen Hall, Leila Relayson.

Intermediates: Maggie Clatworthy, Remi Moore, Sarah Conroy, Millicent McCarthy, Zara Darby, Neve Van Der Sant, Juliette Downes, Meg Lappin, Zara Grzybek, Charlotte Iles, Mia Aitken, Jade Tardio, Zoe Naughtin, Ruby Wilson, Madeline McRae, Grace Milne, Isabella Korth, Mercy Antanasio, Ursula Stephens, Zahra Veitch, Lily Corp, Erin Foley, Jasmin Bajada, Greta Jones, Hannah Laro-Bashford, Mary Rolfe, Beatrix Hearn, Yvette Harman.

Seniors: Hannah Brady, Chantel Glogolja, Hayley Hunt, Tess DeGrandi, Janai Swiderski, Isabella Marshall, Jo Sunderland, Ashley Delaney, Georgia Delaney, Ella Rayson, Alysha Collins, Jemima Jarvis, Aliana Lewis, Mia Higgins, Sara Martini.

Bianca Cheever, Sports Coordinator

Whole School Assembly

On Monday 30 May our College Captains presented the latest whole school assembly to students and staff.

Please see below the slideshow which was shown, including staff and student achievements. Well done to all those featured, and thank you to our Captains for another interesting and engaging assembly.

Whole School Assembly 2

SCSA Badminton

On Monday 2 May, students travelled up to the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC) at Albert Park to compete in the SCSA Badminton against five Catholic girls’ schools from around Victoria. 

All schools were very competitive across the day. Our Junior team showed a very strong presence the entire day, finishing 5th overall. The Intermediates and Seniors showed some great skill and finesse in their tough games. They battled every game hard, finishing a respectful 6th overall in both divisions.

Well done to all competitors!


Isla Hanna-Philips, Maggie Conway, Matilda Stickland, Amelia Shell, Opal Butcher, Laura Ahearn, Holly Britt, Scarlett Birrell, Arrah McCullum.


Eh Moo Say, Sue Meh Sue Meh, Hteemoo Yoellaymusaw, Breanna Allen, Alexandra Keogh, Shahed Jmel, Siena O’Connor, Ella Deppeler, Georgia Pritchard, Emerson Moore.


Eliza Ahearn, Nargis Niamatullah Nazar, Olivia Trethowan, Zahra Habibi, Madison Taylor, Mia Carroll, Coco Churton, Emily Wall.



1st – MSJ

2nd – Killester

3rd – Mater Christi

4th – SHC Oakleigh

5thSHC Geelong

6th – OLSH


1st – Killester

2nd – SHC Oakleigh

3rd – Mater Christi

4th – MSJ

5th – OLSH

6th - SHC Geelong


1st – Killester

2nd – MSJ

3rd – SHC Oakleigh

4th – Mater Christi

5th – OLSH

5thSHC Geelong

Bianca Cheever, Sports Coordinator

Sofia Castello Attends Aboriginal Remembrance Service

Sofia Castello 9SILO was fortunate enough to attend the recent Victorian Aboriginal Remembrance Service at the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne. This commemoration honoured the service of First Peoples men and women, past and present. The service featured a smoking ceremony, an RAAF flyover, wreath-laying, and reflections on the journey of reconciliation, recognition and remembrance for Indigenous service people.

Sofia gives her reflection on this special event:

On the 31st May I attended the Victorian aboriginal service. This Service gives Victorians an opportunity to come together to honour and recognise the sacrifices and invaluable contributions of Aboriginal service men and women to Australia’s Defence Force.

Although Anzac Day and Remembrance Day are significant times, this service demonstrated that aboriginals accomplished a lot on our frontline and they should get acknowledged for their hard work just like everyone else.

Many of the speakers such as Navy Captain Robert Field and Uncle Mick Edwards (from Bugayong Nation) spoke on this significant day as they reflected on what it means to them, which was incredibly influential as it encouraged people to learn about their culture. From the burning gum leaves to the didgeridoo performing and simply being present in the moment was so special and gave me chills with such traditions; it is unquestionably a service I will not forget and will not stop attending.

Sofia Castello 9SILO

Victorian All Schools Cross Country Relay

Congratulations to Mac Allen, Emmy Smith, Bella Leahy, and Lily Robinson on competing in the Vic All Schools Cross Country Relay at Jells Park on Saturday 21 May. Again against tough competition from across Victoria, the students completed a 3km relay race together. 

Overall they came 10th, which was a fantastic effort by them all. Well done, girls!

Bianca Cheever, Sports Coordinator

Leadership Day

On Thursday 9 June, the Sacred Heart College Student Leadership Team (SLT) were fortunate to listen to a wide range of motivational and strong female leaders from a wide range of industries and careers.

In the morning, Keisha Healy from the Victorian Student Representative Council (Vic SRC) worked with the Extended Leadership Team (ELT) to help improve and project student voice at SHC through different approaches and help us identify areas at SHC that need to be changed, improved and introduced. Afterwards, we got to hear from Jennifer Cromarty, the CEO for the Committee for Geelong. 

We were then able to split up and have deeper conversations in our focus groups with guest speakers who included: Georgia Caruana, past alumna and PhD student of Neuropsychiatry, Jessica Rafter the Director of Design and Construction Deakin University, Stephanie Vella past alumna and a mechanical and industrial engineer, Carol Hullin who works in the field of technology, databases, data governance and digital innovation, Andrea De Silva from WorkSafe and Jeni Wills from WILD (Women In Local Democracy) Geelong. Each of these speakers bought their unique stories and experience to give insight about leadership outside of a school environment. 

Lastly, we had Libby Stapleton, the Mayor of the Surf Coast Shire, share her story and journey to becoming Mayor. The day was incredibly insightful and inspiring to see so many women in leadership roles and pursuing careers they love!

SCSA Cross Country

What a day we had for Cross Country at Yarra Bend Park on Tuesday 7 June. 39 students braved the cold, wet conditions for a challenging 3km cross country course. We were very lucky that it stopped raining when our students ran. The nine strong Catholic sporting schools in our division put up a tough test for SHC, with over 100 students competing in each race.

Congratulations to all our runners for successfully completing the 3km course and for giving your best effort on the day, with a special mention to our Year 12s, Lillian O’Brien and Lana McLachlan, for their effort on their last SCSA Cross Country. Big thank you to Amy Whitfield and Macy McKoy for assisting on the day. Well done everyone!

SHC Medal Winners:

Juniors: Intermediates:

10th – Mackenzie Allen 2nd – Maggie Clatworthy

Division winners:

Overall: Intermediates:

1st - Genazzano 124 1st – Genazzano 25

2nd – Kilbreda 162 2nd – Kilbreda 45

3rd – SHC Geelong 223 3rd – SHC Geelong 49

4th – CLC 269 4th – CLC 63

5th - Avila 299 5th – Avila 64

Junior: Seniors:

1st – St. Colombus 39 1st – Star of the Sea 24

2nd – Genazzano 61 2nd – Genazzano 38

2nd – Mater Christi 69 3rd – Kilbreda 56

4th – St. Columba’s 57 4th – CLC 84

5th – SHC Geelong 74 5th – SHC Geelong 100


Juniors – Mackenzie Allen, Isobel Rose, Minka Petkowski, Sophie Jordan, Bella Leahy, Emmy Smith, Georgia Maier, Arabella Clarke, Lucy Potter, Evie Albones, Alice Christian, Elleischa Sizer, Lilly Humphrey, Evie Grgic, Alexis Hoskin, Ally Croft, Lucia Stephens, Isla Bradshaw.

Intermediates – Maggie Clatworthy, Jamie Flanagan, Jasmine Bajada, Greta Jones, Zoe Morrison, Emma Ward, Olive Butcher, Zoe Naughtin, Neve Van Der Sant, Ally Lappin, Leni O’Meara, Olivia Carey, Alice Chomley, Laynie Young.

Seniors – Lana McLachlan, Lillian O’Brien, Charlotte Iles, Erika Holtrust, Ariel Van Der Poll

Bianca Cheever, Director of Sport

Electric Vehicle Visit - Geelong Sustainability

On Monday and Tuesday the last week of term, John Pearce from Geelong Sustainability parked an MG Electric Vehicle in the school yard. He gave a students a tour of the inside and outside of the car, and noted the interesting features (such as lack of a tailshaft and gearstick). He explained to student how electric vehicles work, how they are different to petrol cars, and how they can help reduce our carbon emissions. He emphasised to the students that these were the cars they would be driving in the not too distant future. Here are some quotes in response from students:

"It's eco-friendly and even though it is expensive, we are going to use it in 8 years time. You can put your shopping in the trunk, or as Americans like to say frunk” - Sophia Poh

"Although an electric car is more expensive upfront, the cost of petrol is getting more expensive, so over time the electric car will actually become cheaper and you will be saving money by charging your car with a battery instead of petrol” - Andie Byrne

“It was really interesting hearing from John (Geelong Sustainability), about how electric cars will be the way of the future. It was great hearing about how electric cars work and then getting to see a real electric car’s motor first hand" - Year 10 Care for Common Home student

For detailed notes from Geelong Sustainability on how to compare and purchase electric. Vehicles go to tinyurl.com/GS-EV-Notes.

Geelong Sustainability is hosting an EV 101 session on the Belmont Library on Sat 16 July at 11am if you would like to learn more about ZEVs. The presenter is industry expert Bryce Gaton. https://www.geelongsustainability.org.au/product/electric-vehicles-101/

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