My Safe Haven by Ava Howie 7H

My Safe Haven

With my cat cuddling close to me, I grab my book and settle in for another really good chapter. I pull my fluffy, soft and warm blanket around me. It’s a beautiful dark blue. Fluff mania on one side and especially snuggable on the other. I’m on my bed with one of my cats and a really good book with the sun setting, birds chirping and my tummy full of jam biscuits and hot chocolate. This is my special place.

I’m reading another fantasy book with fairies and elves and all kinds of magical things. I love it when I am transported away to another magical place where I converse with the characters and love the sensation of knowing things the characters don’t and waiting for them to figure it out. I comment on things I think personally as well. The characters are like my friends and enemies. I always enjoy a good book because I love turning to the next page and feeling the suspense and excitement. The thrill of reading never ceases to keep me at the tip of my toes, waiting until I can flip to the next page. It’s truly an amazing experience

My kitten, Sunrise, is one year old and at Easter we will have had her for a year. My other cat Funky is 16 years old and is a ginormous fluffball. My dad found an abandoned kitten in a bush outside of his work and brought it home. He took her to the vet and they gave her treatments to make her better. It turns out her birthday landed exactly on Christmas Day. We took her home and soon she was a really special part of the family. On the morning we got Sunrise we went for a walk along the beach and watched the most beautiful sunrise ever. I think it was fate that we got the most beautiful kitten called Sunrise later that day.

With books, I feel important and accepted as I feel like I know the characters on a more personal level. I once had really bad neighbours and I was scared to go out the front and face them, so I'd read my books instead and that was like a safe haven for me. It was a place where no one judged or asked rude questions. I could just be me. I felt welcomed for being myself.

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