SCSA Athletics

On Friday 20 May, 79 students travelled up to Lakeside Stadium in Melbourne to compete in the SCSA Athletics. It was a perfect day for some running, throwing and jumping. 

8 Catholic Girls schools competed in the Division 1 competition, and it was very competitive across the day in all the events. All our students gave a fantastic effort in their individual events and a big thank you all the students who stepped up to fill in the spots for different events. 

Our Juniors and Seniors finished 2nd overall, with Intermediates finishing 1st. Overall it was close with Loreto College, Ballarat - they ended up beating us by 55points. 

It as a great effort by everyone. A big thank you to the staff who helped out throughout the day – Mrs. Casee Graham, Miss Abbey Badrock, Mrs. Sonia Conroy, Miss Tess Mahar, and Miss Macy McKoy. 


Juniors – 2nd

Intermediates – 1st

Seniors – 2nd

Overall – 2nd


Juniors: Bella Leahy, Tilly McBain, April Boyd, Winnie Jones, Makeali Plunkett, Sasha Naughtin, Billi Mooney, Lily Franklin, Sophie Monaghan, Violet Duncan, Maisie Ryan, Imani Sagnol, Lucia Stephens, Amelia Bennett, Lily Gee, Coco Hayes, Karla Boras, Georgia Hannagan, Mia Rayson, Arabella Taylor, Georgia Wall, Holly Britt, Alexis Hoskin, Sophie Jordan, Amelia Shell, Sophie Klupacs, Chloe Reyntjes, Eleanor Walsh, Milla Jarman, Grace Vu, Imogen Hall, Leila Relayson.

Intermediates: Maggie Clatworthy, Remi Moore, Sarah Conroy, Millicent McCarthy, Zara Darby, Neve Van Der Sant, Juliette Downes, Meg Lappin, Zara Grzybek, Charlotte Iles, Mia Aitken, Jade Tardio, Zoe Naughtin, Ruby Wilson, Madeline McRae, Grace Milne, Isabella Korth, Mercy Antanasio, Ursula Stephens, Zahra Veitch, Lily Corp, Erin Foley, Jasmin Bajada, Greta Jones, Hannah Laro-Bashford, Mary Rolfe, Beatrix Hearn, Yvette Harman.

Seniors: Hannah Brady, Chantel Glogolja, Hayley Hunt, Tess DeGrandi, Janai Swiderski, Isabella Marshall, Jo Sunderland, Ashley Delaney, Georgia Delaney, Ella Rayson, Alysha Collins, Jemima Jarvis, Aliana Lewis, Mia Higgins, Sara Martini.

Bianca Cheever, Sports Coordinator

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