SCSA Basketball

On Monday 9 May students travelled up the road to Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre to compete in the SCSA Basketball Tournament. All teams showed great skill, teamwork, encouragement and sportsmanship throughout the day.

The Junior A finished 2nd in a close Grand Final against Avila, only losing by 6pts. The Junior B team went undefeated for the day winning the Grand Final. Opal Butcher was presented with player of the match in the Grand Final. The Intermediates battled all day against tough competition finishing 6th. The Senior girls had tough competition as well, making it to the Semi-Finals to finish 4th.

It was a great effort by all students and they should be proud of themselves. Thank you to Miss Deb Bohan, Ms Kate Swift, Miss Abbey Badrock and Miss Tess Mahar for their great coaching on the day!

Juniors A: Madeleine Cotter, Georgia Hannagan, Zoe McCardel, Adele Mills, Georgia Wall, Milla Wall, Minka Pestkowski, Elleischa Sizer.

Juniors B: Ava Wallace, Amelia Courtney, Emma Redfern, Evie Albones, Zara Young, Olivia Iddles, Opal Butcher, Indiana McDonald.

Intermediates:  Millicent McCarthy, Caden McGillivray, Sasha Young, Olive Butcher, Taylah Richards, Emily Soppitt, Sammi Hood, Maggie Gleeson, Amy Edwards, Imogen Hardiman.

Seniors: Brianna Giles, Georgia McCardel, Grace Spehar, Janai Swiderski, Kaitlyn Johnstone, Aoife Stynes, Lailani Blaik.

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