SCSA Cross Country

What a day we had for Cross Country at Yarra Bend Park on Tuesday 7 June. 39 students braved the cold, wet conditions for a challenging 3km cross country course. We were very lucky that it stopped raining when our students ran. The nine strong Catholic sporting schools in our division put up a tough test for SHC, with over 100 students competing in each race.

Congratulations to all our runners for successfully completing the 3km course and for giving your best effort on the day, with a special mention to our Year 12s, Lillian O’Brien and Lana McLachlan, for their effort on their last SCSA Cross Country. Big thank you to Amy Whitfield and Macy McKoy for assisting on the day. Well done everyone!

SHC Medal Winners:

Juniors: Intermediates:

10th – Mackenzie Allen 2nd – Maggie Clatworthy

Division winners:

Overall: Intermediates:

1st - Genazzano 124 1st – Genazzano 25

2nd – Kilbreda 162 2nd – Kilbreda 45

3rd – SHC Geelong 223 3rd – SHC Geelong 49

4th – CLC 269 4th – CLC 63

5th - Avila 299 5th – Avila 64

Junior: Seniors:

1st – St. Colombus 39 1st – Star of the Sea 24

2nd – Genazzano 61 2nd – Genazzano 38

2nd – Mater Christi 69 3rd – Kilbreda 56

4th – St. Columba’s 57 4th – CLC 84

5th – SHC Geelong 74 5th – SHC Geelong 100


Juniors – Mackenzie Allen, Isobel Rose, Minka Petkowski, Sophie Jordan, Bella Leahy, Emmy Smith, Georgia Maier, Arabella Clarke, Lucy Potter, Evie Albones, Alice Christian, Elleischa Sizer, Lilly Humphrey, Evie Grgic, Alexis Hoskin, Ally Croft, Lucia Stephens, Isla Bradshaw.

Intermediates – Maggie Clatworthy, Jamie Flanagan, Jasmine Bajada, Greta Jones, Zoe Morrison, Emma Ward, Olive Butcher, Zoe Naughtin, Neve Van Der Sant, Ally Lappin, Leni O’Meara, Olivia Carey, Alice Chomley, Laynie Young.

Seniors – Lana McLachlan, Lillian O’Brien, Charlotte Iles, Erika Holtrust, Ariel Van Der Poll

Bianca Cheever, Director of Sport

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