Sofia Castello Attends Aboriginal Remembrance Service

Sofia Castello 9SILO was fortunate enough to attend the recent Victorian Aboriginal Remembrance Service at the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne. This commemoration honoured the service of First Peoples men and women, past and present. The service featured a smoking ceremony, an RAAF flyover, wreath-laying, and reflections on the journey of reconciliation, recognition and remembrance for Indigenous service people.

Sofia gives her reflection on this special event:

On the 31st May I attended the Victorian aboriginal service. This Service gives Victorians an opportunity to come together to honour and recognise the sacrifices and invaluable contributions of Aboriginal service men and women to Australia’s Defence Force.

Although Anzac Day and Remembrance Day are significant times, this service demonstrated that aboriginals accomplished a lot on our frontline and they should get acknowledged for their hard work just like everyone else.

Many of the speakers such as Navy Captain Robert Field and Uncle Mick Edwards (from Bugayong Nation) spoke on this significant day as they reflected on what it means to them, which was incredibly influential as it encouraged people to learn about their culture. From the burning gum leaves to the didgeridoo performing and simply being present in the moment was so special and gave me chills with such traditions; it is unquestionably a service I will not forget and will not stop attending.

Sofia Castello 9SILO

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